Which Coins Might See the Largest Gains of 2018?


In 2017, we saw cryptocurrency reach new heights. Prices soared, and many coins even got mainstream media coverage. In 2018, it is likely that this success will continue (even if the markets don’t look great right now). But the question is ‘which coins will succeed the most this year?’ Of course, such a question cannot be answered accurately, but some healthy predictions can be made. Here is a small list of coins which arguably have a higher chance of making significant gains in 2018.

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The Decentralised application platform and rival to Ethereum will finally be launching its completed software by the end of 2018. If it manages to keep on track with its roadmap, then the act of having a live product will be enough to shoot the price upwards. EOS has become a somewhat controversial topic within the crypto-community: it managed to gain prominence due to its whitepaper which was backed by scientific research, but the fact that it has no product after such a long time has made people wary and frustrated.


Ethereum is in the perfect position to overtake Bitcoin’s price. Not only does it have cheaper transaction fees and faster times, but it is already used as a major trading pair on exchanges and is slowly becoming a household name. Of course, the actual value of Ethereum doesn’t come from it being used as a simple currency but rather from companies running their applications on it. If Ethereum continues to dominate the decentralized application market, it will continue to grow in price and size.

Ethereum also has an exciting update coming which may (or may not) be released in 2018. The Serenity Hard Fork, which will convert Ethereum from Proof of work to Proof of Stake, could be happening sometime this year. This would likely make it the highest valued Proof of Stake coin on the market, raising its price.


Out of all the coins trying to topple Bitcoin from its throne, none have the same opportunity as Nano. The coin has zero transaction fees and almost zero waiting times, essentially making it a cheaper and faster Bitcoin. While it is unlikely for it to overtake the price of Bitcoin this year, it is still likely to rise in price and possibly even gain a top ten spot on CoinMarketCap. The currency does not actually use blockchain technology but rather an alternative called the ‘block lattice’ which means that it does not need miners to facilitate transactions.


Monero is still the leader of the privacy coins, and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. No other coin has the community, recognition, or market cap to compete with it. Monero also seems to be providing regular updates, as they recently released multi-signature transactions. The coin saw considerable gains in 2017, and as there is no strong alternative yet, it is likely to see huge gains this year too.


Ripple has always had a strained relationship with the crypto-community. As a coin aimed at the banking industry, many people find themselves to be ideologically opposed to it. Ripple has also been argued to be centralized or semi-decentralized, although that is open to interpretation. The fact that Ripple has a future in the marketWhat cannot be denied. In late 2017 and early 2018, it gained some exciting business relationships with Moneygram, Western Union, AsiaMTM, and many others using or testing its system out. It is clear that Ripple is on the cusp of being a mainstream product, and by the end of 2018, it is likely to gain even more partnerships and business ties.

Ripple’s price growth may still be slower in comparison to other coins due to its already large market cap. There are people in the crypto-community who say that Ripple cannot ever reach beyond $2.00 because that would mean its market cap would be beyond that of huge organizations such as Visa, but in essence, it is theoretically possible for it to do so, just improbable.


Stellar has been withstanding the nightmarish bear market of mid-January onwards particularly well, showing that traders and investors have confidence in the coin beyond that of many others. This could be due to its implicit endorsement by IBM who are launching their blockchain with the coin. Stellar also has the backing of the community as it takes elements from Ripple while providing a higher element of decentralization to them.


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