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Binance Introduces $MANTA on Simple Earn: Explore the New High-Yield Opportunity

Binance, a global leader in cryptocurrency exchange, has launched the $MANTA token on its Simple Earn Locked Products. This development marks an exciting phase for both Binance and Manta Network, particularly as Manta Pacific, Manta Network’s Layer 2 modular blockchain, has recently seen its Total Value Locked (TVL) surpass $800 million.

Manta Network Growth

Manta Network, recognized as the 44th project on Binance Launchpool, is a modular Layer 2 solution designed for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications.

This integration allows users to stake BNB and FDUSD in separate pools to farm MANTA tokens over two days, beginning January 16, 2024. This opportunity aligns with Binance’s innovative approach in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, providing a dynamic entry point for users into this evolving world.

The addition of MANTA to Binance’s platform is significant, considering the growing popularity of zero-knowledge technology. MANTA, the native token of Manta Network, has garnered immense interest, reflected in its TVL which has surged 17-fold in the past month, making it one of the top ten crypto projects by TVL. This surge in interest highlights the network’s potential as a robust Layer 2 solution within the Ethereum ecosystem.

What Binance Simple Earn Offers

Binance’s Simple Earn Locked Products offer users an APR of up to 8.9% during the promotion period, a compelling incentive for crypto enthusiasts and investors.

The program’s integration into Binance’s ecosystem underscores its user-friendly experience, allowing participants to unstake their funds anytime and accumulate rewards directly to their spot accounts.

It’s crucial to note that participation in the MANTA Launchpool is subject to eligibility based on users’ residence. However, the listing has attracted significant attention from the crypto community worldwide, indicating a strong global interest in Manta Network’s offerings.

Manta Network Price Movement

As of the latest data, Manta Network has a circulating supply of 251 million MANTA out of a total supply of 1 billion MANTA. The last known price of Manta Network is approximately $2.396, reflecting a minor decrease of 0.17% over the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency is actively traded across 65 markets, with a significant 24-hour trading volume of around $282.98 million.

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