What is Wirex?

The Wirex card is a 3D Secure debit card that allows users to interact with both fiat and digital money. The card is accepted...
Ethereum and Bitcoin Power Ahead Despite Cryptocurrency Price Declines

Ethereum and Bitcoin Power Ahead Despite Cryptocurrency Price Declines

Despite cryptocurrency price declines, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptos are powering ahead in terms of adoption and use cases. Examples of this include the...
Hubii platform Striim to compete with Visa

Hubii Works to Address Blockchain Scalability

It is unlikely that the first generation of cryptos was designed to take on a platform like Visa. Now people are looking at ways...




Best cryptocurrency debit cards for 2018

These Are the Best Cryptocurrency Debit Cards You Must Try in 2018

It is just staggering to think of how far cryptocurrency debit cards have come since the early days where even buying some crypto could...
top 5 cryptocurrency wallets

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets – Apps for iOS and Android

The world of the ICO and altcoins exploded last year making 2018 feel like a time where crypto is on the cusp of widespread...
Privacy coins and Bitcoin dominance guide

Privacy Coins and Bitcoin Dominance Guide

The advent of Bitcoin has proved to be a key landmark in the way that money is thought about because it has demonstrated that...