Safeguard: The Blockchain Project Aiming to Predict Workplace Accidents Before They Happen


According to their website, the Safeguard platform ensures that people can return home safely after a day of work by predicting accidents and preventing them before they even happen.

Safeguard is a Dutch startup looking to raise 30,000 ETH to fund the development of an AI system designed not only to prevent accidents but to predict them. The company also wants to develop a data marketplace on the blockchain where companies will be able to sell safety data and help improve the network.

The Safeguard App

Safeguard claims to have already served 31 companies with their platform allowing communication between an organizations workforce and other relevant personnel to manage emergency situations more efficiently.

Currently, the app is equipped with Wi-Fi-based attendance registration, and it also allows conference calls so that groups can effectively communicate in a crisis. It also includes features like SMS alerts, emergency checklists, and the ability to create personalized groups so that the right people are notified should a situation arise.

A safety-data marketplace on the blockchain

Safeguard have their sights set higher than just allowing employers and employees to communicate through an app. They want to prevent accidents before they happen by developing an AI that will use information collected from companies to assess possible risks in real-time.

Powering this marketplace will be their token SGT, an ERC-20 based utility token that will be given to organizations to compensate them for their data. It works like this – data listed on the platform is screened to establish its value, then it’s pseudonymized (ensuring the provider’s security) before the transaction is performed through the blockchain network.

This data will allow Safeguard’s AI to assess the risks in different workplaces and provide solutions to prevent avoidable accidents/emergencies.


To realize their vision, Safeguard is planning on establishing partnerships with companies that have a vested interest in understanding more about the world of safety, for example, insurers. They also plan to form research-based partnerships in sectors like governments, universities, and corporate R&D departments.

Safeguard announced a partnership with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam in March giving them access to mentors and potential partners. Manuela Krull (Startupbootcamp’s Smart City & I.O.T program) will join Safeguard as an advisor and has already been assisting with the run-up to their token sale.

Many projects are looking at how blockchain technology can improve different sectors by facilitating the secure transfer of data and Safeguard are an interesting prospect. If you want to find more about their platform, visit their website or read the whitepaper.

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