Why I Love Crypto Competition

Why I Love Crypto CompetitionTell Us Why You Love Crypto to Win LXT Tokens and an Apple Watch!

At Crypto Disrupt, we have faith in virtual currencies. In fact, we believe it’s the future of how we do just about everything, even if it takes a little time to iron out the kinks. We’re patient like that. Therefore, we are delighted to launch the Why I Love Crypto competition sponsored by LEXIT. Together, we are giving away 5,000 LXT tokens and a brand new Apple Watch to one lucky winner!

How to Enter the Why I Love Crypto Competition

All you need to do is make a video about why you love crypto and send it to [email protected]. Your Why I Love Crypto video can be funny, informative, or even offbeat and wacky. You just need to show us some positive and thoughtful ideas about what we think could be this century’s most significant technology, and you could win. (See the bottom of this article for an example.)

It doesn’t matter if you only have a passing interest in crypto or you’re a seasoned investor! Get creative and show us how you feel to be in with a chance to win.

We think that crypto has the potential to revolutionize global industry on a scale never seen before. You could share our excitement and express that in your video, or you could be a paid-up libertarian talking about the wonders of a decentralized economy. It doesn’t matter – we just want to hear your views!

We will choose the winner based on several factors including the video’s entertainment value. However, we’re also looking for videos that we feel capture the zeitgeist of the crypto age.

Why I Love Crypto videos must be submitted by July 10, and we will announce the winner on July 15. Enter now by sending your video to [email protected] for a chance to claim 5,000 LXT tokens and a brand spanking new Apple Watch!