Revolutionary Los Angeles Blockchain Week Launches in October

Revolutionary Los Angeles Blockchain Week Launches in October


Revolutionary Los Angeles Blockchain Week Launches in OctoberFrom October 19 to 25, one of the most significant events in the cryptocurrency community will be launching in Los Angeles. The Official Los Angeles Blockchain Week is a collection of conferences which are held by numerous high-profile organizations within the field: Crypto Invest Summit, StartEngine Summit, Women of Crypto, Expert Dojo, UCLA, and USC. The fact that these groups are getting together for this occasion is magnificent news as it gives visitors the opportunity to engage with several top influencers and trendsetters. Commenting on the location, Alon Goren and Josef Holm, founders of Crypto Invest Summit and early-stage investment fund GHV stated that “Los Angeles is one of the world’s top blockchain and crypto eco-systems. Our goal has always been to bring the best deals in the world to our investors and introduce the best entrepreneurs in LA to investors from around the world“. They also noted that the week would have a “festival-like environment” and would give “even more incentive for the world to come and join”.

What will be happening at the Los Angeles Blockchain Week?

The schedule from October 19 through to October 25 is packed with discussions, keynote speeches, and workshops, all designed to educate the audience on numerous specialized topics, as well as provide a comfortable and fruitful environment for networking and the sharing of ideas.

To name just a couple of events, Crypto Invest Summit will be hosting a fireside chat with Steve Wozniak, as well as a Security Token Masterclass. Blockchain at UCLA will be offering a “one-of-a-kind” summit which will be providing various perspectives on the fields of investment, development, and technology. Veronica Reynolds, Co-founder of Blockchain at UCLA stated that the organization “strives to provide high-quality education and networking opportunities to students, and undertakes research and consulting work, so we can’t think of a better way to continue developing our community than by participating in this ground-breaking citywide collaboration of blockchain professionals.

The importance of blockchain summits

For industries which are both niche and yet extremely significant, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is paramount that numerous summits, focused weeks, and other physical events take place as it solidifies communities and allows for revolutionary discussions to take place. Events such as the Los Angeles Blockchain Week reinforce the strength of the field and become the birthplace of impressive new ideas.

Tickets for the Los Angeles Blockchain Week are available here.

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