Lightning Network Nodes Popping up Everywhere

Lightning Network Nodes Popping up Everywhere

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Lightning Network Nodes Popping up EverywhereLightning Network nodes are starting to pop up right across the globe and TheGreatMuffin took to Reddit today to announce the first of a kind self-order point of sale in Bern, Switzerland. Oliver Gugger who set up the node posted on Twitter that energyKitchen is now accepting payments via the Lightning Network and David Knezić kindly uploaded a video of the system in operation.

energyKitchen is offering coffees, smoothies, sandwiches, pastries, muesli, and salads for purchase via one of their Lightning Network nodes. A novel part of the system being used by energyKitchen is that you can select what time of the day you wish to pick up your order and all you need is the buyer’s name to pick up your smoothie or pastry.

To test out the system we took to Twitter to ask if anyone would like to pick up a free smoothie today and within a few minutes, we had found our guinea pig, sorry willing volunteer. A few seconds later we had placed the order and bought the smoothie for Sarah to collect later in the day. We sent Sarah the following image by direct message on Twitter and we hope she enjoys her smoothie courtesy of Crypto Disrupt.

Lightning Network nodes now live across the globe

Other Lightning Network nodes

Another well-known node is at Brisbane airport and back in May Crypto Disrupt published an article of Daniel Alexiuc buying a coffee with his Eclair wallet. At present, the nodes tend to be located in major conurbations but in time they will be available in almost all high street stores just like the credit card terminals you see today. Lightning Networks nodes can be built with $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W’s from the Raspberry Pi Foundation plus a 300MB hard disk and a few other components. Once in mass production, the new breed of payment terminals should be available for well under $100 and retailers will then get to keep 100% of their turnover without having to pay fees to their bank for each credit card transaction they process.

It’s easy to see why MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga has previously said he thinks “cryptocurrency is junk” yet at the same time MasterCard are regularly applying for blockchain patents.

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