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Airdrop is the latest buzzword in the cryptocurrency world, and they are a great way to pick up free tokens for many upcoming ICOs. For most airdrops, you will need an Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) address, like MyEtherWallet, for you to receive tokens. Don’t be fooled by the many Twitter and Telegram requests for you to send them a few tokens and receive 5 or 10 times what you sent them in return. These are not airdrops – they are out and out scams.

Before we get stuck in, you should quickly sign up for the Orbis airdrop mentioned in an earlier post.

These three airdrops are well worth considering.


Deflationcoin aims to remove some of the barriers facing mainstream acceptance of digital assets, such as slow, expensive transactions and high volatility.

This airdrop uses Telegram and Twitter to promote the ICO, and they are using the Waves platform for coin distribution. Yes, coins. The Deflationcoin whitepaper makes it clear that the company does not believe their release to be a token.

The airdrop started Feb. 24 and will run for two weeks, with the ICO running from March 31 through to April 15. Of the 1.25 billion coins available, 20% of them are reserved for the ICO team and its promotion.
You can register for the airdrop here.


Crowdvilla is a Singapore-based, not-for-profit, organization that is looking to bring timeshare properties to the blockchain. It should appeal to anyone wishing to vacation in different locations globally. As a real estate backed token, it’s expected to be relatively stable.

Their timeline indicates they will begin purchasing properties from as early as June 2018 with the first bookings expected by early next year. Traditional timeshare schemes have lost some of their appeal in recent years, but this ICO might just give them a welcome boost.

The airdrop of up to 720,000 CRV tokens is available up to the end of March or until they have 30,000 participants. Check out their FAQ for further details.

Decentralized News Network

If you think some elements of the mainstream media are not independent, the Gibraltar-registered Decentralized News Network (DNN) airdrop might be for you. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it promises to be censorship resistant with consensus approval by content reviewers.

The DNN whitepaper begins by emphasizing the need for independent media content as 90% of news coverage in the U.S. is provided by just six conglomerates. It goes on to provide details of how articles will be submitted, reviewed, and then published to the blockchain nodes.

The airdrop will run until March 8, and it’s offering 15 DNN tokens for each referral you sign up. Currently, the airdrop is running exclusively on Telegram.

Some coins or tokens you receive from airdrops may ultimately prove to be worthless, but some might just turn out to be the next Apple, Amazon or Facebook.

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