crypto mining hardware and the patent filed by Sony

Is Sony Moving into Crypto Mining Hardware Sector?

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crypto mining hardware and the patent filed by SonyWe know crypto adoption is getting closer to the mainstream when we ask the question is Sony moving into the crypto mining hardware sector? It seems that the Japanese tech giant is thinking about it with the news they want to patent two hardware angles that cover the maintenance of blockchains.

It seems that more multinational companies than ever before are looking at how they can enter the crypto affray. Inside a newly published document, Sony has shown their interest in entering the crypto mining hardware industry with this latest move.

Sony reveals soiree into crypto mining hardware

The two new approaches Sony wants to patent are titled “Electronic Node and Method for Maintaining a Distributed Ledger”, and “Device and Systems.” This is the first time that Sony has made moves to indicate they want to enter the crypto mining hardware scene. The move is obviously linked to the electronic giants entering into blockchain-related fields in the imminent future with potential new devices.

If you read between the lines, Sony is planning to center their approach around technology usage, data management, and security. When you break down the first application, it covers hardware nodes and a method for maintaining blockchain, which is part of the mining process in many cases. This will be something involving the use of nodes to operate a network in the same way we see with Bitcoin.

The application is very intriguing, talking about implementing a distributed ledger that would be blockchain-based. Here is what the application details regarding the Sony patent proposal:

The distributed ledger may be a blockchain, which may be based, for example, on the principles used for the bitcoin blockchain or the like. The distributed ledger uses mining and proof-of-work mechanisms and it may use some kind of reward (currency), such as bitcoin as a currency and/or as a reward for performing mining. Moreover, the distributed ledger may use consensus mechanisms for ensuring that all electronic nodes have a consensus about the distributed ledger.”

Is Sony launching its own cryptocurrency?

With the two patent applications that involve crypto mining hardware, they have the telltale signs that Sony could well be thinking of launching its own cryptocurrency. Although this is just a calculated guess, it is possible that the electronic giants are leaving the door open to the possibility.

The “Device and System” application shows that Sony is honing in on the security issues that small networks with just a few nodes have by saying that “the number of devices accessing and contributing to the distributed ledger may be small, such that security issues occur.”

Sony wants to use the proposal of virtual nodes that would boost numbers in smaller networks. This would mean creating a device that can host virtual nodes from as small as ten to thousands of nodes. “The number of virtual nodes may be much higher, e.g., ten times larger, than the [total] number of devices,” said the second application from Sony.

Although this information doesn’t mean that Sony is creating their own cryptocurrency just yet, they are most definitely entering the crypto mining hardware sector in the very near future.

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