Changing the Energy Game with Silent Technology

Changing the Energy Game with Silent Technology


Changing the Energy Game with Silent TechnologyThe energy industry is coming to a tipping point. Fossil fuels are depleting rapidly while releasing harmful carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, while at the same time depleting to the point of not supporting the world’s energy demands. According to many experts, including Nobel Prize winner George Olah, Methanol, if applied correctly, could overtake traditional energy sources to become a new medium of energy storage, transportation, and exchange.

The Silent solution

Silent is working to give energy producers the ability to turn energy into methanol in a process where electricity is used to generate hydrogen, which when captured with carbon dioxide from emissions can be made into methanol. This process makes for a renewable long-term energy storage solution.

According to the company, “Silent produces and installs CO2-neutral industrial Methanol Synthesis Plants and researches new modular technologies to bring the concept to private households as well.” While many large energy corporations manufacture methanol, none of them do so while adhering to a carbon neutral footprint. Methanol production done with zero carbon footprint is a revolutionary new way Silent is shattering the energy market.

Use cases

There are several areas in which Silent’s methanol solution could provide a massive upgrade to current energy solutions.

  • Oil replacement – Methanol is a renewable energy, which when produced in a clean, green way, could replace oil and the environmental problems it raises.
  • Underserved communities – Areas struck by natural disasters and rural communities can often be without power for weeks or months at a time, making it difficult for these areas to progress in any real way. Silent’s methanol solution is cheap to produce and easy to deploy, making it a great alternative in these communities.
  • Security – Energy is often created in ways which pose serious environmental and human risks. Silent is continuously researching ways to safely produce methanol in ways which won’t affect human health or the environment.

Decentralize it

This process of methanol production and storage is being coupled with decentralization to allow for these processes to exist on a small level, where households will be able to turn solar energy from panels into methanol. Located in Zug, Switzerland, known as “Crypto Valley”, Silent can draw on the area’s abundance of blockchain knowledge and resources to build its company and technology.

The Silent security token (SLNT) is tied to the company’s energy creation, and therefore is set to have a much more stable price than other cryptocurrencies, and can avoid market volatility for investors. Silent is currently in its private pre-sale for SLNT tokens.

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