The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Adds AmaZix to Their Growing List of Sponsor Firms

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) issued a press release April 26, 2018, announcing that they had included AmaZix in their growing list of sponsor firms. GBX is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and is striving to be a global leader as a token platform and cryptocurrency exchange. It aims to achieve this through decentralization and community consensus. Their goal is to be secure, transparent and accessible to businesses looking to issue their tokens on GBX and to traders using their exchange.

GBX already has an impressive list of sponsor firms including True Global Ventures, Iconiq Lab, and Each business that wants to issue a token must use a sponsor firm before GBX Grid approves the listing. The role of AmaZix, along with the other sponsor firms, “are integral to the listing process – they are responsible for preparing applications, guiding listings to market, and meeting continuing obligations after the initial sale.

AmaZix has already worked with companies such as Bancor,, Smart Containers, Loomia, and CoinMetro. They evaluate the viability of ICO projects and they only work with ones that they think will be successful. To emphasize this, their website states: “We are very selective with who we work with. We want our community to trust that all AmaZix projects are top tier and as such we conduct thorough due diligence in the form of a multi-stage assessment process.

GBX successfully raised $27 million in their token sale (RKT) from almost 3,500 participants. The token sale was scheduled to run for up to seven days between February 7 and February 14, 2018, but it was sold out in just nine seconds. If GBX can bring the same level of success to ICOs using their platform, the projects will be off to a flying start.

Philip Young, Marketing Director at the GBX, welcomes AmaZix in their role and is confident they will carry out thorough assessments of any new projects brought to GBX. Jonas Karlberg, founder of AmaZix, had this to say about the new venture: “Our mission is to assist blockchain projects, in whatever way we can, from concept through to post-ICO. Becoming a Sponsor Firm for the GBX is the next logical step in ensuring we can deliver the best possible value for the blockchain community.

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