IOTA Foundation Launches New Website

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IOTA’s new website is now live and has already encouraged praise from the Blockchain community on Twitter and Reddit.

The IOTA foundation

The IOTA foundation is a non-profit that seeks to provide a secure channel to connect all internet of things (IoT) devices. IOTA is different to most DLT projects due to their unique Tangle system that allows an unlimited number of transactions per second without incurring fees. IOTA is also rumored to be developing smart contract functionality that could see them compete with the likes of Ethereum and NEO.

You can learn more about the IOTA foundation here.

David Sonstebo – Co-Founder of IOTA:

After some last-minute fixes and refinements, we are proud to say that finally, we have a brand new website that represents the new direction of IOTA overall and the new epoch we are entering as a community and organization. The idea here is to move more and more away from the typical overhyped crypto hype and more into the realm of real-world use cases, as well as being more available to the masses. There are still a few minor bugs, some visual stuff, and text that will be added throughout the night and tomorrow, but for now, we are happy with putting it online. Give a big thanks to the team, they’ve been working hard on all of the content and implementation up until this very second. 

IOTA’S new website

The new site is easier to navigate than the old one, and responses on Twitter and r/cryptocurrency largely reflect this. The homepage concisely describes the foundation’s goals and how it is funded and governed, but it may prove problematic for blockchain enthusiasts not already familiar with the IOTA project since jargon, such as ‘Tangle,’ is dropped in without a clear explanation or a link enabling the user to familiarize themselves with such terms.

Fortunately, the FAQ section of the new website is prominent enough that a newbie will likely stumble upon it quickly, and most of their initial questions should be answered there. Perhaps the most exciting thing we noticed about the website was the job listings. IOTA is currently looking for a head of operations, and positions are also open for a podcast host, developers, engineers, and a variety of other roles. It would seem then that the project is growing nicely.

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