Canadian students to receive blockchain-based diplomas


The title may sound quite confusing, but it’s not a bachelor’s degree in blockchain technology, in fact, it is a bachelor’s degree on a blockchain platform, meaning that it’s a simple digital document much like any other.

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology will commence with giving its graduates of the 2019 class bachelor’s degrees through a blockchain platform so that the students don’t have to wait for the university to send them a physical copy.

The blockchain platform is there to ensure authenticity and fast processing of the transfer. There will be around 4800 graduates from the SAIT this year and all of them will participate in the blockchain marketplace ODEM, which is now the direct partner of the university.

Why is the blockchain needed here?

According to the CEO of ODEM, the blockchain will provide the students with much better control over their documents online and will make the transfer of relative files to the employes much more fluid and fast.

This was not the first time SAIT tried its luck in the blockchain, reportedly trying a pilot version of the project last year by using the Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, these practices are starting to become quite common in other countries as well. Places like Malta and Bahrain have also implemented blockchain-based diplomas for their students in order to provide the same values, as well as expose them to the technology.

As for the blockchain training programmes themselves, there are no fully fledged 4-year or 3-year bachelors, but multiple universities across the world, including another university in Canada, have already started providing blockchain courses to their students.

Soon enough, the industry will receive more and more enthusiastic youths prepared to learn from the already veterans.

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