More than 25 best universities teach their students about crypto


According to a recent study from Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, more than 56% of the world’s top 50 universities have classed teaching students about cryptocurrencies.

This is a large step-up from last year’s 42%. However, Coinbase also stepped up its research process by interviewing a couple of students on campus. 735 students were interviewed in total, 28% of which said that they’d be more than happy to attend such a class.

The classes that are already implemented don’t necessarily just touch the topic of trading cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are two variations. One such class is for Computer Science students who learn the movements within the blockchain and one is for economics students who watch the patterns of Bitcoin’s movement and try to analyze it with various resources.

Overall, it seems that these top universities are starting to notice the importance of the blockchain in the future, and want their students to be prepared for a time where cryptocurrencies will become a daily “necessity”.

What could this introduce to the market?

Before this moment, most of the professionals involved in the crypto markets were using their experience of trading in other, traditional financial markets, which is relatively redundant with cryptocurrencies. The patterns and news that affects these coins are completely different than what would make a company share price move.

Therefore, having students study cryptocurrencies with little or no comparison to traditional markets is going to birth industry experts who are actual experts and base their predictions and analysis on actual facts from the past and most likely futures.

This could completely re-vamp the market in the future, to a point where cryptocurrency trading can actually become stable at a point where it can be considered as an everyday currency.

We all know that every type of advancement or progress is usually made in labs located in universities or government-funded projects. As long as new lawyers, engineers, developers, and economists are created with crypto knowledge, it’s going to benefit the market overall in the long term.

Giorgi is a news reporter and financial analyst at He has 3 years of experience in analyzing the financial markets of Forex and cryptocurrencies. He also likes making hidden jokes in his articles.