more women shown an interest in the crypto market

Growing Wave of Women Show Interest in the Crypto Market

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more women shown an interest in the crypto marketIn what is a predominantly male-dominated industry, it’s refreshing to learn that an increasing number of women have started to show an interest in the crypto market.

This was the finding of recently published research conducted by the London Block Exchange, which found that the number of women who would consider investing in cryptocurrency has doubled during the last six months.

When surveyed at the end of 2017, just 6% of the women said they would potentially invest in cryptocurrency. This jumped to 12.5% when asked the same question in June 2018. Younger women are showing even greater interest in the crypto market, with 20% of millennials saying they would consider investing in digital currency.

A gender-balanced industry?

The survey found there was no significant increase in the number of men interested in making cryptocurrency investments. If female interest in the crypto sector continues to grow at similar rates, in another 12 months’ time, the industry could be markedly more gender-balanced.

That said, for cryptocurrency to become more balanced among the sexes, it has a fair way to go, as research shows the field is dominated by 91.22% male engagement, opposed to a mere 8.78% of female engagement.

Despite the inherent male domination of the crypto industry, confidence is high that women are making inroads into the sector. Nydia Zhang, co-founder, and chair of the Social Alpha Foundation, a blockchain education and outreach project based in Hong Kong, said she is:

Confident that the number of female leaders in crypto will double in the next six months.”

Women crypto leaders

Tavonia Evans is another female leader in the industry, who launched her own cryptocurrency called $Guap. Tavonia worked in the tech industry for almost 20 years before initiating her own cryptocurrency. The owner of the token built on Ethereum Blockchain technology, believes women in tech are more ambitious than their male counterparts.

The crypto market is highly competitive at the moment with people fighting for influence,” Tavonia says.

The men I’ve observed vying for influence are not very tech-savvy at all. Women in tech, however, tend to overachieve, study more, and expand their expertise legitimately just so they can get in this space.”

An earlier signal that the number of women interested in crypto is soaring was the Women on the Block conference that took place in New York in May 2018. Blockchain and business was the focus of the conference, which brought women from around the world together to interact and share their knowledge of the industry.

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