Wirex Card to Add XRP to Its Service

Wirex debit card adds XRP supportWirex will be adding Ripple (XRP) to their crypto debit card service. This means that Wirex card users will be able to use their XRP to buy goods with a debit card, as well as LTC and BTC. This is good news for all Wirex fans as it shows how serious the company is about adding new coins to their project.

The Wirex card will be compatible with XRP

Currently, Wirex cards allow users to hold LTC and BTC, as well as numerous fiat currencies such as GBP, and EUR. The addition of XRP marks a positive sign for traders and holders as the addition of new coins makes Wirex more appealing to more users. It also means that trading BTC or LTC with XRP will be extremely easy too, as it can be handled from within the Wirex mobile app (or website on a desktop). XPR will also be able to be traded with any fiat currencies supported by the Wirex card too.

The Wirex card can be used in any setting where a standard fiat debit card can be. This includes within clubs, restaurants, ATMs, and physical shops. This is because the Wirex card contains both contactless and chip-and-pin capabilities. If your country’s transport supports contactless cards (such as the UK), then the Wirex card can be used for that too. Of course, the card can also be used to purchase goods in online stores too, such as Amazon. The fact that it allows for users to convert crypto into fiat within seconds means that people can use their crypto to buy goods with ease. Once XRP is added, this will be easier for holders of it too.

What does XRP do?

For those who are uninformed, XRP is Ripple’s own cryptocurrency. Both Ripple and XRP focus on bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the banking industry. The current problem with contemporary banking is that it takes far too long to transport large quantities of money. XRP plans to solve this issue by providing banks access to its global ledger, which can carry funds to their destination in an extremely reduced timeframe. XRP is also used by regular consumers due to its low transaction fees and high speeds.

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