What is Crypico?


According to their co-founder, Ty Smith, the cryptocurrency community isn’t accessible since those without the right financial backing cannot contribute in any meaningful way. Crypico hopes to address this problem by allowing anyone to earn cryptocurrency for work.

What is Crypico?

Crypico is the first decentralized gig marketplace to allow freelancers to earn any cryptocurrency — the hope is that by allowing anybody, with any skill, to earn cryptocurrency will ensure the project’s growth as well as adding to the number of market participants. Co-founder Ty Smith believes that the ability to earn crypto will be an essential step in achieving widespread adoption.

How does the platform work?

Freelancers can post a gig advertising their skills or the service they provide along with how much they charge, which they can do in fiat or a crypto of their choosing – the platform has integrated wallets support for the top ten currencies and more. Crypico’s platform is free to use and has other features such as the ability to post bounty campaigns and airdrops.

Additionally, users who require a specific service, but can’t find a suitable listing in the ‘gigs’ section, can post a gig request for free so that they can search for someone with the skills they need.

The Founders

Crypico’s co-founders (Ty Smith and Ryan Mahaffey) studied at the University of Maryland. Mahaffey has experience as a Software Engineer in pharmaceuticals and as a Research Engineer on the Railgun Project at the Naval Research Lab in Washington.

A decentralized platform for freelancers

If this project takes off and its community grows it, will be interesting to see how Crypico fits into the gig marketplace. The ability to earn different cryptos could be an attractive prospect for freelancers, and it may draw particular interest from regions where banks do not allow their clients to purchase altcoins. As the project grows, we can expect Crypico’s platform to evolve and build on top of what already appear to be strong foundations.

You can learn more about Crypico on their website or by Following them on Twitter.

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