Moroccan crypto mining company to build 900 megawatt wind farm

US Crypto Mining Company Plan 900-Megawatt Wind Farm in the Middle of the Saharan Desert

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US crypto mining company to build 900 megawatt wind farmA US crypto mining company is planning an audacious project to construct a 900-Megawatt wind farm in the middle of the Saharan Desert. The project is expected to begin in 2019 and will not be connected to the national grid.

The US crypto mining company, Soluna, is planning the venture to create the wind farm with a long-term plan to use this renewable source of energy for positive things.

Unique wind farm concept from US crypto mining company

Soluna aims to use the wind farm to generate power to run a computer center in Dakhla, Morocco. The end game over a long-term period is to feed the energy into the Moroccan energy profile.

The 900-Megawatt wind farm will not be connected to the national grid but is expected to help fulfill Morocco’s energy needs in the near future, according to Soluna CEO, John Belizaire.

Construction on the site in the middle of the Saharan Desert will take five years to build, and the cost will be between USD 1.4 – 2.5 billion at the beginning with the expectation to generate 35 megawatts.

Morocco is already a firm favorite for renewable energy companies, and with the audacious plans of this US crypto mining company, the country will benefit from a boost in energy options. Morocco is so popular with energy companies because of the nation’s massive deserts, which are great sources of both solar and wind energy.

Crypto mining utilizing renewable energy sources

Morocco is looking to gain 1.4 gigawatts of renewable energy from the plant for its annual capacity, which makes the partnership with the crypto mining company such a perfect move. It is believed that it will take a while before Soluna can feed the energy into Morocco.

It is thought that the initial power generated from the wind farm will go towards the mining of bitcoin. It is normal for mining operations to migrate to remote places where energy prices are low, and resources are rich, which makes the Saharan Desert an inspired choice.

Regions such as Canada and Iceland are other popular places that crypto mining firms are looking to take advantage of. Both nations have access to hydroelectric and geothermic power, attracting crypto miners looking to keep costs to a minimum.

It is also normal that in places such as Canada, Iceland, and even China, who attract miners due to ideal conditions and low energy prices, to implement legislation against crypto miners because they use more electric than normal citizens. There are even parts of North America, such as certain areas in upstate New York, that have created special power tariffs for miners looking for a place to set up a crypto mining company or personal rig.

Soluna’s attempt at constructing the wind farm could be a positive thing that could help to reduce the environmental impact of crypto mining, while also benefitting the population of Morocco at the same time. The groundbreaking plans from this US crypto mining company are most certainly raising a few eyebrows across the mining community.

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