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Unitalent Founder Discusses the Future of the Freelance Industry


freelance industryDaniel Meier, the founder of Unitalent, met with Crypto Disrupt at the Blockchain International Show to share his thoughts on the platform and the freelance industry as a whole.

Unitalent is a free-to-use freelance platform which allows skilled professionals to earn money for their actions both inside and outside their network. The service connects freelancers and potential clients through the use of tightly controlled smart contracts. Meier notes that one of the main problems Unitalent is trying to solve is that of trust. Freelancers and clients are known to have trust issues, both with each other and with the platforms they use. Unitalent irradicates this issue through the use of easy-to-control smart contracts which ensure that people get the work they asked for, and freelancers get the earnings they were promised.

When discussing the platform, Meier explained that it has been designed to be easy to navigate and that it is simple for clients to find freelancers and for freelancers to find jobs. The pricing of the system is also important to assess. Meier noted that Unitalent’s commission fees will be 8%, which is significantly lower than the market standard of around 35%.

The development of Unitalent can only be completed with the use of blockchain technology because the team understands how revolutionary smart contracts are, and they want to integrate those types of features into their ecosystem. The backend of the tech is set to be launched on Oct. 1, 2018, and Unitalent intends to be listed on exchanges in the first quarter of 2019. Afterward, the team will focus their marketing efforts on gaining as many members of the freelance industry as possible. Meier made it clear in the interview that this is a long-term project with a roadmap that leads well into 2020.

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