Three Amazing Airdrops You Might Have Missed

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Here are three more airdrops that are available for you to participate in right now – Mosaic, Sentigraph, and Developeo.


The Mosaic Decentralized Market Intelligence Network was covered in one of our recent articles, and they are now offering free tokens by way of an airdrop. They are building a platform to provide detailed assessments of crypto assets with an easy-to-use dashboard. Content will be provided by trusted sources that earn and stake tokens for each of the articles they provide to the community.

In addition to trusted source content, Mosaic has been developing their own proprietary database to rate crypto assets using a detailed set of parameters. They plan to allocate 200 Ether of MZX for their airdrop campaign.


Sentigraph is a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) platform to measure the graph index (gi) of present and future events. The initial stage of the project will analyze Twitter hashtags with IBM Watson tone analyzer and the Sentigraph algorithm.

The unique insights provided from AI analysis of Twitter hashtags should prove invaluable to newscasters, event organizers, politicians, criminologists, healthcare professionals, and many others business sectors.

Sentigraph will utilize a private IPFS network, which allows nodes with a shared secret key to connect. This ensures user data is secure but still allows for computational analysis by the algorithm.

5000 participants are set as the maximum for this airdrop of 250 Sentigraph EMOT tokens.


The team behind Developeo are making the noble claim of helping to advance humanity with their DEVX platform. The emphasis is on education in the fields of artificial intelligence, the blockchain, full-stack programming, virtual reality, and myriad new and upcoming technologies. They are hoping to tap into the pool of 27-million GitHub users and offer DEVX BootCamps, DEVX Certification, DEVX Marketplace, and even a DEVX NEXT-GEN University.

DEVX services can be purchased with fiat currency, but they will attract a 20% discount if bought with the DEVX token. A typical boot camp, lasting two months, will cost $13,000 with 100 students at each session. Developeo has ambitious plans of running 184 boot camps and certifications in year five with a total projected income of $252 million.

The vision for Developeo is stated in their whitepaper. “As a result of this revolution, the need for people who have comprehensive knowledge of software and new technologies will multiply. All of the current professions will also have to learn about coding and AI. In case they fail to do so, they will lose their jobs“.

DEVX will start with ERC-20 compliant tokens before implementing their blockchain in 2019. The DEVX bounty and airdrop provides for up to 20 million free tokens.

All you need is an Ethereum address to get involved in these airdrops. Click the airdrops menu at the top of this page if you are interested in airdrops generally or these three in particular.

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