The Three Most Exciting Crypto Launches of 2018

There have been many intriguing cryptocurrency project launches so far in 2018. We’ve decided to take a look at three of the most exciting crypto projects out there that could have a long-term impact on the crypto space. The three are varied in scope, ranging from the diamond industry to the merger and acquisition market.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the best crypto launch for 2018 has to be LEXIT. This hugely innovative cryptocurrency has been designed to allow entrepreneurs to trade in intellectual property from defunct projects. LEXIT uses a unique system of blockchain-based tokenization models that allow the currency to carry out mergers and acquisitions. It’s rather similar to selling a car or real estate.

Another innovative aspect of LEXIT is that all the service providers are independently verified, assessed, and analyzed by a group of specialists. These are independent and are very much part of the industry. They are also contractors of the highest quality having been screened and subjected to a rigorous rating and reputation system generated through buyer’s input. How’s that for quality control?

LEXIT also maintains a vast global partner program that is made up of players who are extremely well-connected in the technology ecosystem. They’re given incentives to reach out to their considerable business networks, connecting thousands of buyers and sellers in one fell swoop.


CEDEX aims to take the diamond market by storm as it attempts to solve the three core issues that have been holding the diamond market back for institutional investors. These are (not in any particular order) lack of liquidity, no standardization, and not much transparency. This means that diamonds are not normally a solid choice for investors, with those wishing to sell facing up to 50% losses on the open market.

CEDEX aims to solve that by creating an innovative proprietary machine learning algorithm called the DEX, which prices diamonds with 99.5% accuracy. This obviously creates a price transparency previously unseen in the diamond industry. After this evaluation, diamonds can then be listed on a blockchain-based exchange with the possibility of smart contracts to make pricing fully transparent. CEDEX also allows peer-to-peer diamond exchanges at a fair market value thus injecting liquidity into the market.

CEDEX appears to be the currency that will make diamonds a publicly tradable asset without the problems that have plagued it in the past. It certainly looks to take the diamond trading world to new levels.


DECRED (short for decentralized credit) has huge implications for the crypto industry. It was founded by a group of former Bitcoin developers with the specific task of solving the issue of blockchain governance. DECRED was created after the Segwit and Blockchain Cash forks of 2017 created some uncertainty in the Bitcoin sphere.

The Decred model has a community-based scheme for updates to the protocol, and this is determined by everyone who has a stake in the project. This form of ‘self-government’ has proved to be very successful and has made it a fast-growing, innovative project.

Of course, there are several other interesting crypto projects out there. However, these three are something worth shouting about.


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Jay is pretty interested in the crypto space. He’s written for several publications on the topic and has lots of ideas on how the world can be made a better place with blockchain technology. He’s also a fintech journalist with some years of experience and enjoys writing about new startups, ICO’s as well as any other intriguing news that catches his fancy.