The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets – Apps for iOS and Android

top 5 cryptocurrency walletsThe world of the ICO and altcoins exploded last year making 2018 feel like a time where crypto is on the cusp of widespread adoption. It is now easier than ever to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency on your smartphone with one of the many cryptocurrency wallets. Many cryptocurrency holders prefer the convenience of doing it on the go.

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So you’ve got your hands on some crypto and are looking for a secure and feature-packed wallet for your mobile. Here are five of the best cryptocurrency wallets to help you manage your funds.


Samourai is an open source Android wallet which emphasizes anonymity and security. Developers constantly work to give its users the utmost privacy as they transact and it contains useful tricks such as remote recovery or wiping of the wallet should your phone be lost or stolen. Another neat feature is the ‘Trusted Node’ option, which allows you to rely on a personal bitcoin node to execute transactions rather than the ones that they provide.

Wirex App

Packaged in with a virtual card, and options for a physical debit card in GBP, EUR, and USD, Wirex not only has functionality for the safe storage of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple but also gives the option to convert your hard-earned coin into spendable cash at competitive rates.

It can be a very tidy way of exchanging between these three coins and, beyond this, Wirex also lets you earn while you spend: Cryptoback™ gives the user 0.5% in Bitcoin on every single purchase made using the debit card.


Coinomi is a powerful way of storing a huge array of crypto and altcoins, perhaps even making it one of the best cryptocurrency wallet apps out there. It carries exchange functionality so users can trade between different cryptocurrencies nearly instantly while facilitating the buying of crypto using fiat money, though this will be above market rate. You can download Coinomi on Android, and this year they appeared on iOS. With hundreds of altcoins supported on Coinomi, it is probably the most prolific and convenient multi-coin wallet out there.

Backed by Bitcoin mining giant, Bitmain,’s wallet is fantastic in its simplicity for storing and transacting with Bitcoin. It proves itself an efficient way of storing Bitcoin away from an exchange and without a complicated interface to contend with. Perhaps a bit limited as it just supports BTC and Bitcoin Cash, but completely straightforward and ideal in that it does exactly what it says on the tin.


Xapo is a household name in the world of crypto and boasts a reputation many would be jealous of. They offer an online wallet as well as on Android and iOS with a useful feature in their ‘deep cold storage vault’, which essentially keeps your coin completely offline and in theory, makes it nearly as secure as a hardware wallet. Xapo solely works with BTC, but you can conveniently also trade and buy through the platform.

These are just five of the most useful cryptocurrency wallets

There are many more excellent cryptocurrency wallets out there, but these are just some of the best cryptocurrency wallet apps on the market right now. Expect the choice of crypto storage options to continue expanding and getting more feature-heavy as adoption continues to explode.

Some will be more concerned with security and privacy while others want ease of use or opportunities to buy or earn crypto through their wallet. For the former, Samourai is likely the best option – unfortunately, limited to Android users – while in the latter, Wirex offers a unique way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin as ‘Cryptoback’ on each purchase you make.

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