The 3 HOTTEST Airdrops in Crypto Right Now


Everyone knows that airdrops are the biggest trend in crypto, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown on three that we think are legit.


Lexit is a new blockchain-based marketplace that offers entrepreneurs the ability to trade intellectual property, copyrights, and technology from discontinued projects, and even sell whole startups.

Lexit is solving the problem that for every successful business launch, there are hundreds that fail, leaving behind an array of unused technologies and assets. Lexit’s solution dramatically lowers the barriers to entry for mergers and acquisitions, so that selling a company and its assets will is as easy as selling a car on Craigslist.

Lexit’s airdrop goes live on February 28 and will distribute 2% of the total LXT token supply to community members. If you want to participate, you need to visit the airdrop page.

You can see our guide to the Lexit airdrop here.


All you have to do for this one is hold some NEO in your wallet. 20 Million Ontology tokens (ONT) will be airdropped to NEO holders. For each NEO, you will receive 0.2 ONT when the snaphot of NEO addresses is taken at block height 1974823. This is expected ot occur at some point on March 1, 2018.

Half of the token distribution will be sent directly to NEO wallet addresses and the other hapf will be dropped onto the ONT MainNet.

“Ontology is a next-generation multi-chained public chain infrastructure platform initiated by Onchain, a leading blockchain technology company in China. It is also a common platform that supports a decentralized trust ecosystem.” – NEO blog.

You don’t need to do anything except HODL your NEO until then.



The Elementh e-commerce blockchain represents an ownership of goods register that can write specialized smart contracts and allows developers to create centralized and decentralized apps using the nomenclature standard.

Elementh’s system of goods tracks items from manufacturer to customer. Once an item is assigned to particular address, ownership is assigned. This ownership can be transferred between addresses.

So, what does it all mean? Essentially, Elementh is a system that prevents counterfeit products from being bought, sold, or traded. Since each item is assigned a unique identifier, only one can exist on the blockchain. If another product with the same identifier is detected, the current owner is alerted.

Such technology will have widespread applications including the tracking and manufacturing of luxury goods, tech, and designer original items, among others.

Elementh’s airdrop signup is live now.

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