Swiss Crypto Valley to Appoint Two Female Board Members

Swiss Crypto Valley to Appoint Two Female Board Members

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Swiss Crypto Valley to Appoint Two Female Board MembersWe rightly live in an important time for gender equality and the Swiss Crypto Valley Association is leading the way in the industry by looking to appoint two females to the board to diversify their approach.

The decision to elect two female board members to the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) team is not just a great move for the company but is also a positive move for the Swiss crypto industry that might lead to more female appointments at leading companies in the industry.

A positive move for Swiss crypto industry

The Swiss Crypto Valley Association, who is a Zug-based organization that promotes and brings together crypto and blockchain firms across the nation, is conducting a vote on September 20 to elect two females to its board. One of the most interesting things about the vote is that it has attracted an unexpected number of 43 female nominations for the positions.

The roles of the two new female board members will be similar to current members who co-chair working groups who interact and work with other organization and companies on the Swiss crypto scene.

Crypto Valley Association has made a move in a bid to freshen up their male-dominated leadership and to diversify its philosophy to women in crypto. Speaking to the Swiss news outlet, Swissinfo, a member of CVA’s taskforce, Leeanne Abapo Senn, talked about the move by saying that “The measure will be no mere window-dressing exercise. We want to create a space that works for everyone rather than just carry on with the same old boys’ club and their cronies. Our objective is to elevate the dynamic women who have contributed to the Crypto Valley and to create a stronger, more inclusive ecosystem.”

The world is changing, and this move by CVA is positioning the Swiss crypto firm at the forefront of equality in the industry.

CVA expanding its scope

This move to appoint two women as board members of the CVA represents changes at the company as it expands. The CVA has said that electing the women onto the board will “serve to strengthen the association through a diversity of perspectives, experience and skills.”

Over the course of the past three months, CVA has reelected four out of five board members, which included President Oliver Bussmann. This is part of a larger expansion by the Swiss Crypto Valley Association that has seen the company grow to unite more than 1,000 crypto representatives that work across many fields of the blockchain industry that include consultants, companies, legal reps, journalists, incubators and many more.

The CVA works to develop regulatory codes for the industry and works with other authorities in the district of Zug while also lobbying government officials for its members. In July of this year, the Swiss Crypto Valley Association supported an initiative by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) to make it easy for companies in the crypto industry to open bank accounts, helping the firms and also the banks to broaden their horizons.

This latest move by the CVA to appoint two new female board members is a monumental moment for the Swiss crypto industry and will hopefully lead the way in opening doors for other women across the crypto-sphere.

I love everything about crypto. Simply can’t wait to see how blockchain technology changes our world for the better.

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