Guide to the FAWS cryptocurrency news aggregator

Simplify Your Crypto World with the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator


Guide to the FAWS cryptocurrency news aggregatorIf you have been yearning for a complete all-in-one crypto platform that keeps all your crypto news items, tools, and investment interests in one place, the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator is about to simplify your life. In a world of chaos, confusion, and cyber-craziness, this sublime new app will simplify your whole cryptocurrency experience and help you to keep one-step ahead of the game.

“There is a multitude of crypto news platforms already in the market”, I hear you exclaim. However, do they combine the same features we find with the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator? Probably not! So let’s find out how it can work for you.

How does the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator work?

The site combines breaking crypto news stories from the industry’s top-40 leading crypto news platforms, constant coin price checks, coin price alerts, and portfolios, all in one place on an easy-to-use platform a newbie could circumnavigate. The time saved when monitoring your investments or your potential investments is what makes the platform so special.

As any crypto trader with his/her finger on the pulse of the industry will tell you, keeping on top of the vast plethora of crypto news stories every day can be the difference in reaching your daily profit goals or not. The FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator sources breaking news stories from the leading news sites in the world such as CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk,, Business Insider, Forbes, Bitcoinist, and, and presents them to you in the simplest and most digestible manner, allowing you to quickly react to the market.

Monitoring your cryptocurrency investments

The whole point of keeping abreast of breaking crypto news stories is so you can make guided and educated moves on where to invest your cash. Alongside its vast news updates, FAWS is also the ideal platform to keep an eye on coin prices in real-time and to keep a check on market capitalization and average coin prices.

The site displays prices in a similar way to what you would find on the CoinMarketCap site or other leading sites of its ilk. The prices displayed on the FAWS platform are averaged from market-leading sites such as Gemini, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, CoinMarketCap, and Cryptopia. Not only does FAWS list the prices ranked by market capitalization, but also gives you the option to filter the listings based on their daily volume, prices, and even percentage changes.

Managing your crypto investments with FAWS

The main reason to utilize the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator is to use the breaking news stories and changes in market prices to manage your own interests and investments. Sometimes we have more investments and coins scattered around the place than grains of sand on a beach. It can be a real nightmare to keep in touch with how much your cryptocurrency investments are currently worth on a minute-to-minute basis. This can be a real issue if you have coins stored on different crypto exchanges or online wallets. Every time you have to work out what your crypto is worth, you can spend days logging into different sites and performing mind-bending calculations that would give Isaac Newton the hump. This is the beauty with using FAWS.

These issues are easily solved with the ‘Portfolio’ section on the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator. You can enter the number of tokens into the Portfolio section of the FAWS web application you have stored away in varying places and wallets. FAWS will keep track of all your digital assets and based on the current market prices will give you the sum of your coins. This option can also help calculate the percentages you have gained or lost, giving you valuable information that can help you to make or save money on your investments. It really is that simple!

As you can see, there are many crypto news applications currently in the marketplace and in the process of being launched to wider audiences. However, the FAWS Cryptocurrency News Aggregator has everything under one roof so you can make the best-informed decisions.

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