Sentigraph Gauging the Sentiments of Users’ Reactions to Future Events

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New and more ingenious applications are taking to the blockchain as the technology opens up new possibilities. The latest offering is from Sentigraph, which begins with an in-depth analysis of Twitter hashtags.

What is Sentigraph?

The system will integrate the IBM Watson AI-powered insight engine with the Ethereum blockchain to suggest the outcome of future events. Although the initial analysis will use Twitter hashtags, they plan to widen its scope to other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn in due course.

With an Ethereum smart contract, their system will generate a Sentigraph or Graph Index (gi) sentiment score. They believe they are the first team to offer a decentralized system that synthesizes data from Twitter on a mass scale using AI analysis.

Sentigraph in detail

As stated in their whitepaper, users of the system can trust the computation of the Graph Index because the data is not owned or open to manipulation by a central authority. Some of the areas that Sentigraph suggest will benefit from sentiment analysis are shown below:

  • Retail Audience
  • Customer Service
  • Messaging
  • Crime
  • Security

In addition to gauging the “pulse” of Twitter hashtags, the platform will have a secondary function where users will be rewarded if they correctly predict the change of sentiment. So EMOT tokens will be required to compute the GI of a hashtag or to participate in the Emotional Volatility Prediction (EVP) element of the platform.

The whitepaper considers the EVP element to be similar to traditional binary options and provides details of how the puts and calls will operate. A modest commission of 0.5% is proposed with winners being rewarded from the losers tokens in proportion to the amount staked.

Sentigraph already has an alpha version of their product available which you can test drive here. Their pre-sale is scheduled to run April 19 to April 30, 2018, with the Initial Token Offering (ITO) due in May and June 2018. As an Ethereum based platform, the tokens will be ERC-20 compliant and set to a fixed supply of one billion. Sentigraph expects to distribute the tokens within three weeks of the end of the token sale.

Currently, Sentigraph is distributing tokens via airdrop.

The executive team of Sentigraph and their advisors are declared here. Further details are available on their social media channels:

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