Scottish Football Club Is the First to Offer Bitcoin Cash as a Payment Option

bitcoin cash as a payment option for Ayr UnitedAyr United of the Scottish Championship has become the first football club to accept bitcoin cash as a payment option.

In April of this year, the Championship newcomers made global history by becoming the very first football club to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency.

Crippling transaction fees

Now, they’ve taken the next step by announcing that they will be accepting bitcoin cash as a payment option via their online merchandise store.

The 2nd tier Scottish football club claim that this will help fans to avoid “crippling transaction fees” that are regularly imposed by other payment options.

Ayr United Commercial manager Graeme Miller commented – “We were initially approached to see whether we could accept sponsorship payment in BCH.”

“It was a big learning curve for us, but we are very happy to be the first club to accept not just payment by BCH but also to promote the cryptocurrency to a wider audience.”

“I am relatively new to the world of Bitcoin Cash but there is a huge community out there, and I am hoping they get behind us as we start a very important season back in the Championship. All commercial ventures have to embrace new technologies, and we are proud to be the first in football to offer supporters around the world BCH as a payment option.”

The average transaction cost of BCH to the merchant is just $0.02.

True remaining bitcoin

The man behind the deal is Calvin Ayre, who has been associated with Ayr United for seven years through his company, Bodog.

His website is the central player behind the partnership.

Speaking about the deal, Ayre said – “I think it’s great for BCH that such boundaries and promotional ideas are being used to show merchants and consumers that BCH really is the only true bitcoin.”

Ayre has long claimed BCH as the true remaining Bitcoin, as intended in the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper.

Ayr United have always drawn headlines for the unique way in which they launch their new kits, painting the design onto topless models.

This method has drawn criticism in recent times, but in another first, the club featured both male and female models this time around.

With the Scottish club leading the way, it’s only a matter of time before we see other sporting organizations jump on board.

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