Refereum Announces Listing of Its RFR Token on Bibox, Upbit and Bittrex

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Refereum Announces RFR Token Listed on Bibox

News has emerged today that Refereum, a community growth engine powered by blockchain technology, has announced its listing on Bibox, Upbeat and Bittrex.

Bibox, which is recognized as one of the top 20 digital asset exchanges in the world by trading volume, launched a poll last month to determine the next three tokens to be listed on their platform.

With more than 500,000 votes, Refereum attained third place, following behind TrustNote (TTT) and All Content Creators Currency (AC3).

A community growth engine

Powering the world’s largest attribution network on the Ethereum blockchain, Refereum is a community growth engine that allows brands and developers to directly engage with, incentivize, and activate a massive community of video streamers and social influencers to drive meaningful buzz, interactions and conversations around new products and services.

Having grown from the company’s own success in building the world’s largest community of blockchain enthusiasts on Telegram, they found themselves breaking the messaging app’s member limits on three separate occasions.

An ERC-20 token which facilitates the exchange of services for virtual currency using smart contracts, Refereum’s RFR token has a total token supply of 5 billion and a circulating supply of 2.5 billion.

On July 30 RFR began trading on Bibox.

Solving a trillion dollar issue

The starting price of RFR on Bibox will be the equivalent of around USD 0.01, and Refereum’s token can also be traded on other platforms such as OKEx,, IDEX, DDEX, and Cobinhood.

Introducing smart contracts to the affiliate and referral marketing industry could be the key to solving what is a trillion dollar issue, allowing a way to record purchases and referrals on the blockchain securely.

“We’re very excited about getting listed on Bittrex and Bibox because American blockchain companies can finally buy RFR tokens to pay for our services,” said Dylan Jones, CEO of Refereum.

“Having a strong online community of supporters is essential to the success of most companies, especially in blockchain. We’re proud of the success that Refereum achieved in growing the largest blockchain communities in the world and are excited to provide those best practices and learnings from our experiences.”

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