new crypto exchange DCEX to use Ripple as base currency

New Crypto Exchange Uses XRP as its Base Currency

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new crypto exchange to use Ripple as base currencyA new crypto exchange is planning to use ripple (XRP) as its base unit currency. This will be the first exchange that has taken the move to adopt XRP in such a prominent manner as its exclusive currency.

One of the main concerns with cryptocurrency is that the market is too dependent on bitcoin, with the vast majority of altcoins intrinsically linked to BTC, which is not a positive for the market going forward.

New crypto exchange for the next generation

DCEX announced today that it would be opening registration for a new crypto exchange that will be using XRP as its exclusive base unit. This is the first crypto exchange in the world to use XRP in this way, opening up the market to a new way of thinking.

DCEX will be powered by the cutting-edge crypto tech firm, AlphaPoint. This next generation exchange will have all currencies trading against RPX. There will be 15 pairs available for crypto traders such as bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, monero and many more. There are even plans to add cardano and NEO shortly.

This new crypto exchange will be fully open for trading in the next few weeks, although you can register now. One of the most interesting functions of the DCEX platform will be its rapid execution times with lower latency, which is ideal as the U.S. based marketplace is made for speed. DCEX was designed to allow fast transaction volume as the whole network can handle more than one million transactions per second.

Transactions in XRP will take less than four seconds on average, which will enable rapid transfers making DCEX one of the fastest new crypto exchanges in the market.

Perfect platform for crypto traders

The DCEX exchange will be ideal for crypto traders, as it’s easy to connect your API key to speed up the high-frequency trading strategies. It’s all about the speed, and by using the XRP protocol, users will be able to enjoy new pairs and unique ways of trading crypto.

One of the tactics DCEX is adopting to encourage registration is lower transaction fees, which is something that a new crypto exchange usually offers in its infancy. Users will have the opportunity to move their XRP more rapidly on the exchange and to other exchanges with very competitive and reasonable transactions fees and withdrawal rates.

AlphaPoint is an innovative company and the technical whiz kids behind the workings of this new crypto exchange, promising a secure and customizable ledger platform that will allow DCEX to offer such rapid transaction times. Their renowned ledger technology offers a very secure foundation as the backbone of the exchange to enable rapid processing capacity when compared to many of the leading exchanges we currently see in the marketplace.

In the fast-moving crypto world of today, it is becoming extremely important for a new crypto exchange to offer something new and unique to stand out from the crowd, and that is exactly what DCEX is planning to do by making XRP their base unit.

I love everything about crypto. Simply can’t wait to see how blockchain technology changes our world for the better.

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