Monero to See Official Ledger Support

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Lead Monero developer Riccardo Spagni has revealed that support for Ledger Nano S is coming soon.

A tweet from Spagni’s account shows him using a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet with the Monero logo fully intact. The tweet reads: ‘It’s happening (if you’re running the dev kit).’ In a follow-up reply, Spagni stated that support would come in the form of an update to existing ledgers. Using a hardware wallet to store Monero has been a sought-after feature among the Monero community for years, and now it is finally happening. On the Doug Polk Podcast, Spagni even stated that integration is ‘already’ occurring right now.

Storing your coins on a portable hardware wallet has been long considered to be the safest way to ensure that your cryptocurrency does not get lost, stolen, or corrupted. They are also an efficient means of transporting your money around and keeping it on your person at all times (or possibly storing it somewhere safe in your home). It is often advised to use a hardware wallet if you are holding large sums of cryptocurrency.

The Cake Wallet development team have confirmed Ledger support for XMR through a Reddit post— two of the lead developers sent XMR between each other to check whether it was functioning as intended. They used the Ledger developer kit to integrate Monero.

Meanwhile, Ledger Nano S has been struggling with another popular coin, Bitcoin Cash. Since April 10, 2018, people have been struggling to access (or in some cases even see) their BCH funds on their hardware wallet, although it seems that this issue has been solved for most people now.

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