Mind AI – Computing Advances Unnecessary for the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence


The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is not all that far into the future. It has already crept into mainstream society to a large degree, with Siri and Alexa, virtual reality, wearable technology, robot-advisors, self-driving cars, and automated machinery. The rate of growth is expected to accelerate, as advances are made daily until we reach a tipping point.  According to Mind AI, a blockchain company aiming to facilitate public access to AI technology, there is no need to wait.

The evolution of artificial intelligence

The idea that computing power has to increase before any advances are made in AI is a myth, as per CEO and founder Paul Lee. Writing in a recent Medium Post, Lee outlined his frustration at the mainstream ideology that we need to wait for computing advances before any progress can be made in AI.

“What if the next breakthrough in AI doesn’t depend on harnessing more and more computational power?”

“The goal of AI research is to create computers that enhance human lives by using the power of reasoning that humans take for granted. But mainstream AI development involves computationally-intense algorithms that look nothing like human thought patterns.”

“I’m betting my future on a daring idea: the third wave of AI will not require massive data sets and heavy computing power to train its systems. Instead, third-wave AI applications will be based on new data structures.”

Merely seeking to increase computing resources is a backward approach to AI. It makes much more sense to use a more efficient data structure to facilitate the evolution of the industry. Computationally intense AI will require too much energy and is invasive, expensive, inaccessible and inelegant according to Lee.

CyberVein, another blockchain-related company, have also taken the approach of creating new data structures that will revolutionize the way that data is stored and monetized. The way data is stored can help with efficiency as much, if not more than, computing advances.

Who is the purpose of Mind AI?

Mind AI is a blockchain and AI research company that is aiming to make artificial intelligence accessible to the public. One of the major benefits of DLT is that it can democratize new industries such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, or clean energy research projects. In this fashion, the public will have a voice expressed through their investments in financially decentralized projects. The traditional mega corporate and governmental structures can be bypassed in an open, transparent, and democratic fashion.

Mind AI is aiming to change the way that people think about AI and to get the public involved in issues that will affect everybody on the planet. It is just too important to leave these decisions to a secret minority. Everybody needs to be informed and vocal in a very real and critical issue that cannot be pushed back – the age of AI is just around the corner, and preparations need to be made sooner rather than later.

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