McAfee Enraged by SEC Chairman’s Position on Crypto

McAfee Enraged by SEC Chairman's Position on CryptoJohn McAfee has taken to Twitter to express his disdain for the SEC Chairman regarding the organization’s stance on cryptocurrency. Within a tirade of tweets, McAfee noted that he ‘STRONGLY disagree[s]‘ with Jay Clayton’s declaration that all ICOs are securities, stating that he does not believe that they meet the Supreme Court’s Howey Test for securities.

He then said that if the SEC were to take the situation further, he would become ‘the greatest thorn in the side of the SEC since the founding of our Constitution‘ and that ‘Overreach of power is the worst of all corruption.’

McAfee further challenged Jay Clayton to a televised debate on CNN, similar to how he debated the FBI regarding a discussion about privacy. ‘I challenge the SEC to debate me on CNN. I debated the FBI two years ago when [they] overstepped their bounds. You, the SEC, have overstepped your bounds. I ripped the FBI a new asshole on CNN. I welcome the opportunity to RIP the SEC a new asshole‘. He also requested that people ‘Flood this mother fucker‘ with voicemails and emails of people demanding that he engages in a debate.

John McAfee’s passionate display of emotions is likely caused by two reasons. For starters, if ICOs are considered securities, then he is no longer able to support them publicly without having to jump through legal loopholes. Expressing his support for specific cryptocurrencies is a significant part of his income stream nowadays. He even has a website set up specifically for this type of work.

He may also be demanding a debate so that he can show off his presidential skills, considering how he recently announced that he would be running for president in 2020. Giving viewers the ability to see him talk on a major news outlet sets him up for his presidential plans.

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