LEXIT to shake up mergers and acquisitions market

LEXIT Could Change The Game in M&A Sector


LEXIT to shake up mergers and acquisitions marketSelling a company isn’t a straightforward affair. The field of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is nuanced. Strategy plays a big role, with both sellers and buyers looking for ways to be as stealthy as possible during the acquisition process. LEXIT has created a platform that could change the way that M&A happen globally. They have some new ideas for how deals can be done, and their platform presents both sides in an M&A deal with major advantages.

LEXIT also creates opportunities for smaller companies that would have a hard time attracting attention. In fact, university students could use LEXIT’s platform to sell off valuable projects that would be next to impossible to market otherwise.

The advantages that LEXIT creates for larger deals are equally impressive. There are many challenges that a business faces if the owners want to put it up for sale. New people around the corporate offices are going to get the employees chatty, and this isn’t great news for management. LEXIT has a solution for this challenge, and many others as well.

LEXIT sees M&A in a different light

The work involved in buying or selling a company is both time-consuming and expensive. Numerous professionals are required, and all of these costs pile up. An online platform that connects potential buyers with sellers has two distinct advantages over the existing M&A process.

First, the costs are much lower. LEXIT estimates that doing an M&A deal on their platform would cost less than 5% of the overall transactional costs. Creating massive savings over the existing M&A structure is a big part of the second advantage they have, which is access.

Needless to say, there is no existing central clearinghouse for companies that are for sale. An acquisition is a bespoke affair, which is part of the reason why so few companies can participate in the M&A ecosystem. Creating a marketplace for companies helps to gain the attention of interested buyers, especially when it is the most economical way to buy or sell a company.

Nearly unlimited markets

When eBay came on the scene around two decades ago, the auction market changed radically. People could access a much wider group of potential buyers. When there are more people who have the potential to buy something, it is likely that a seller will get a better price, or connect with buyers that are interested in what they have to offer.

LEXIT has the potential to do the same thing in the M&A sector. By creating a global marketplace for companies, interested parties will have easy access to deals they may have never encountered otherwise. Smaller projects have a better chance of finding a buyer, and for investors that want to shop for new ideas, a centralized M&A platform is ideal.

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