John McAfee Reveals the Cost of His Promotional Crypto Tweets


John McAfee is a man whose voice carries significant weight when commenting on the crypto space, and the McAfee Crypto Team website has recently revealed the cost of one of his promotional tweets, which are considered amongst the best marketing tools for upcoming projects. 

McAfee’s reach

At the time of writing, McAfee’s Twitter account boasts just shy of 812,000 followers many of whom are crypto enthusiasts. Tens of thousands respond to his crypto-related Tweets and vote in the polls posted on his feed. As such, an endorsement on his Twitter feed guarantees a massive, active audience as well as the backing of a computing heavyweight.

The cost of a tweet

A recent post on the McAfee Crypto Team website revealed the cost of these tweets ($105,000) and made transparent how these tweets are created. According to the post, Mr. McAfee takes measures to ensure that only projects he believes in or uses himself are accepted and that 90% of requests are turned down, so it’s not just a cash grab or McAfee ‘selling out.’

In an interview with the Independent, McAfee said the amount was “embarrassingly huge,” but defended himself by asserting that he is the first person in the crypto field to admit to the outrageous fees charged by crypto promoters. He believes that this openness is wise as he is undoubtedly in the crosshairs of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission.

A sarcastic response from McAfee to his critics.


According to several client testimonials, including the CEOs of DOCADEMIC, CRYPTO SECURE, and BEZOP, McAfee’s advice and endorsement have been integral to their successes leading the group to coin the term “the McAfee Effect.”

How it works

When the McAfee Crypto Team decides to promote a company, they can do it through tweets alone, or tweets can be coordinated by their team of professional writers and bloggers who produce articles that Mr. McAfee shares using his Twitter feed.

As Mr. McAfee is only willing to promote services and products that he believes in, he is also happy to lend his voice to these posts. However, in such cases the client is allowed no input on the tweet to ensure its authenticity — this is only fair if the Tweet is implied to be McAfee’s genuine words and opinions.

The importance of a critical eye

The admission shines a light on the massive sums being spent behind closed doors to sway the opinion of the community. With the billions invested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, this isn’t a surprise — one would expect it to be common practice, but the news is a useful reminder of how little of the crypto world we can see with our own eyes. As always, it is important to look beyond face value and think critically when deciding whose word and which companies to trust.

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