Is Your Bitcoin Address on This List?


Pretty much all the world has heard of bitcoin and other altcoins, like Ether, by now. Anyone who has ever bought bitcoin will also have a searchable public address. Don’t worry, no-one knows your name or address, it’s just a series of numbers and letters that identifies your wallet, not you. It is a public distributed ledger after all.

What’s funny about that is you can see what balance of bitcoin is hodling. And, boy, some addresses have HUGE balances. Sure, the Winklevoss twins address is there somewhere, Roger Ver’s will be there somewhere, and even Satoshi Nakamoto’s address is there to be found.

At the time of writing, during something of a crypto slump [1], there are just over 2.5 million Bitcoin addresses, and around 200,000 of those have balances (converted to USD) of over $100,000. Nearly 13,000 addresses have over $1,000,000 USD in them. Wow! And to think those suckers once sold for around 8 cents.

How did they do it? How did they amass these fortunes? Well, some, like the Winklevoss twins, purchased lots of bitcoins when they were cheap, but, hey, when you’ve got an $11m USD settlement from Facebook to play around with, things get a lot easier for you.

The rest of us, however, must find other ways to amass our fortunes, and you can find out a lot more on how to increase your bitcoin balance in our FREE report “The Top 5 ICO Secrets Used by Crypto Millionaires.”

Now, one thing to remember when you’re cruising the list of crypto millionaires is that no user is limited to a single account. You could hold your bitcoin across five addresses or ten, a hundred even (but that would just be being silly, wouldn’t it?) So, while the 13,000 addresses that have over $1,000,000 USD in them provides an indicative number, it by no means scratches the surface of just how many crypto millionaires there are.

You can check out how many crypto millionaires there are here, but before you run off, head on over to our Telegram community where you’ll find more like-minded people who are ready to watch the crypto-world grow beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

[1] Bitcoin is trading at $8,800 as I write.

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