Interview With Graeme Miller – Commercial Manager of First-Ever BCH Sponsored Football Team

Ayr United accepts BCHThis past April Scottish Championship football club Ayr United became the first-ever football club to be sponsored by a cryptocurrency when it signed a deal with BCH via owner Calvin Ayre.

More recently they’ve taken the unprecedented step of announcing that they will be offering bitcoin cash as a payment option on their online merchandise store.

Crypto Disrupt recently had the chance to catch up with Graeme Miller, the commercial manager at Ayr United to ask him some questions about working at the worlds first-ever crypto sponsored football team!

CD: With Ayr winning their first league title in over 20 years and securing promotion to the Scottish Championship, it seems that the club is on the up. They’ve also received worldwide attention due to their new sponsorship deal with BCH, which is the first of its kind in the footballing world.

How exactly did this come about? It’s fair to say that it’s not the typical type of sponsorship deal we see in football.

GM: No indeed – we have been lucky that Calvin Ayre traced his roots back to Ayr from Canada 8 years ago and has sponsored us ever since, previously under his ‘Bodog’ gaming brand but he is now a huge supporter of Bitcoin BCH and so decided to carry on using that moniker instead.

CD: The club is also accepting BCH as payment for merchandise, which includes the new team kit. What kind of benefits does this offer over traditional payment methods?

bchGM: The average cost to the merchant is just $0.02 which, of course, compares extremely well to the transaction fees of other payment methods. We also hope those in the BCH community will get behind The Honest Men – Ayr United’s nickname – and give us a new support base.

CD: I imagine this deal has put Ayr firmly on the cryptocurrency map. Has being the first football club to work with a cryptocurrency provided any unique experiences, such as interview requests or media coverage?

GM: Yes absolutely, this one being a good example! I have had many requests for information, and the story is making its way around the world. There aren’t many times when you can say what you are doing is a world first; however, that’s the case here and the more people that know about it, the better.

bchCD: Do you see Ayr as the first of many clubs who will eventually offer crypto payment options on their websites? It has been touted as the way forward by many industry insiders.

GM: I think that when other clubs see what we have done, they will start to follow suit. There is clearly a market out there and why wouldn’t you want to exploit that? For all merchants, especially, of ‘smaller’ value items the transaction costs can kill your margin so BCH should appeal stronger to those vendors.

CD: It’s still early days, but how have fans of the club received the BCH payment option?

GM: I think that just like me our fans are still learning about BCH; however, the methodology is pretty simple, we are giving more people the chance to buy our merchandise which can only be a positive. And, yes, we have already started to receive transactions in BCH which is fantastic.

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