Interview: Nikita Samylin of LEXIT

LEXIT is looking to revolutionize the world of M&A. Partnered with Polymath and SelfKey, the company utilizes blockchain technology to disrupt the way businesses and their intellectual properties are sold, bought, and licensed.

Last week, Crypto Disrupt interviewed Nikita Samylin (LEXIT’s Head of Marketing) to discuss the recent Blockchain Conference in Tallinn (that was co-sponsored by LEXIT) and the company’s intimate relationship with its community.

CD: LEXIT was a co-sponsor of the conference in Tallinn last week, how did the conference go?

NS: The conference had pretty good traction. The venue was fully packed with people from the local blockchain community as well as lots of companies and media from abroad.

CD: Sounds like a good atmosphere. How was it on your stand?

NS: The atmosphere was really good, yes. People were really interested in our stand, and we received lots of interesting and valuable questions from experts in the area. We were talking to people all the time, taking interviews, and introducing people to the project. It’s our home base, so we’re pretty well-known and well connected here already, and it was also great to hear from visitors to Estonia who were really interested and excited about our platform.

CD: LEXIT had representatives delivering presentations on the day. What did they talk about?

NS: Our CEO Amir (Kaltak) had a presentation, 20-minutes on ‘The New Era of M&A: How the Blockchain Will Disrupt the Way Companies and their IP are Being Bought, Sold, and Licensed.’ He had a full audience and we got good feedback afterward. It was very educational — Amir explained what the market of M&A looks like at the moment, how that will change, what the trends are, and what needs to change for the market to evolve and meet the challenges of our times.

Deniss (Raider), our CPO, also delivered LEXIT’s pitch. It gave us the opportunity to get our message out to people who may not have heard of us and to explain who we are and what we do in the context of the market. Overall, it was a great day for us.

CD: It seems that LEXIT has an intimate relationship with its community. From what we’ve observed, LEXIT seems to value this relationship and benefits from having such a knowledgeable community. How does this affect how you communicate with them?

NS: We appreciate the knowledge our community has, and their enthusiasm. They come to us, and they already understand our technology and what we’re trying to do, and because of this, we can talk with them on a very high level. It’s a very good question — we try to encourage the community to interact with us as much as possible because supporting this relationship helps us the make the whole concept of LEXIT and what we are trying to do as clear as possible.

CD: What sort of questions do they ask you about the LEXIT project?

NS: They’re very interested in how blockchain is implemented of course, for example, what challenges it can solve and how it can speed up processes. But it’s not just the blockchain community that comes to us. We have people contacting us through our social media pages from the startup community and entrepreneurs also.

They ask us lots of practical questions about the listing of assets and startups — how and when it’s going happen that sort of thing. They’re already committed to the project, and it shows as many are ready to bring their companies and assets to LEXIT. They’re excited for when our platform goes live. The pre-listing is actually going on at the moment, and people can release their companies or their assets anonymously.

CD: With social media outlets coming down hard on ICO advertisements, do you think company/community relationships like LEXIT’s become more important?

NS: Well, it doesn’t really apply to us as we are only talking about our platform and about our product, and the ban relates to advertisements. We’re not planning to have any ICOs at the moment. Our central focus is around the concept of LEXIT and the services we’re going to provide. We’re really open and transparent about our platform, so people join and follow our pages naturally to get development updates and to see what other marketing activities we have.

CD: And finally, can you tell us about your private sale and how to participate?

NS: We’ve had really good progress on that side of things, so the sale is coming to a close, but anybody who wants to participate should contact our CEO Amir Kaltak as soon as possible.

Michael is an English and Creative writing graduate of Liverpool John Moore’s University, a former editor of several magazines, and a crypto-currency enthusiast. He is mostly interested in crypto-legislation and the potential of decentralized technology to change the world.