Identity Management on the Tangle – IOTA Combine With IAMPASS

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IOTA, the Tangle-based network designed for an internet of things society, has recently announced its foray into the world of biometric identity management. The IOTA Foundation has partnered with IAMPASS to work on a Proof of Concept for a palm reading biometric system with the results stored on IOTA’s Tangle, a faster and cheaper type of blockchain.

IOTA/IAMPASS biometric technology

IAMPASS will use biometric technology to scan the veins inside a person’s hands and create a personalized user identity based on this reading. This will make the system ideal for high-level security centers such as data centers and airports. The system has many use cases for modern living, and identity verification takes up significant resources. The biometric system could serve to cut down on third-party verification services and otherwise streamline costly activities. Once the system has been implemented, users will be able to control their data and prevent identity theft using the biometric controller. Instead of having a stream of third parties controlling the data of an individual (banks, credit agencies, governments, travel companies, etc.) users will have control over their data using the new system, by physical verification impossible (or at least incredibly difficult) to manipulate. In the past, these third-parties have been a point of vulnerability with numerous high profile data breaches.

The importance of identity management

It is becoming recognized that the current infrastructure to prevent identity theft is not robust enough. Assets are becoming increasingly digitalized, and it is necessary to have a secure way to manage digital identity especially as more profiles are being created on an increasing number of digital mediums. Digital identity will become paramount in the near future and needs to be addressed now. Speaking on the issue of digital identity, Dominick Schiener of the IOTA Foundation indicated that –

“Identity is still one of the biggest unsolved problems today, as the inability to easily identify, verify and authenticate causes significant friction for users and service providers worldwide. This is why we are excited about the IAMPASS Proof of Concept, which uses the IOTA permissionless distributed ledger to make identity not only portable, but also give users access and ownership over their own data.”

IOTA uses a Tangle which is different from standard distributed ledgers. It is regarded as being easier to scale compared to convention blockchains (Ethereum and Bitcoin are currently dealing with such scalability issues). The Tangle is also heralded as being zero-fee and also very quick, perfect for the machine to machine digitalized economy. IOTA recently launched a Proof of Concept with Volkswagon to deliver wireless updates to autonomous vehicles. They are also spearheading a DLT based smart city initiative as well as numerous other projects for decentralized governance. The palm-based identity system could be applied as a means of identity management in a modern smart city.

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