Goodr – Using Blockchain to Reduce Food Waste

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goodrWhen you consider the fact that 72 billion pounds of food end up in landfills each year, you can understand why tech-enabled food waste management company Goodr believe that hunger is not a scarcity issue.

It’s a logistics problem.

The face of hunger is changing

The need for a solution hit home for Goodr founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe, who was helping to donate food to homeless shelters when she noticed that one of her friends was having food difficulties.

“Having experienced that first hand really shifted perspective for me, because for years I was feeding members of our homeless community,” Crowe said. “I didn’t understand that the face of hunger was readily changing.”

It was then that Crowe came up with the idea of using blockchain technology to create a company that could help businesses reduce waste while helping out local homeless shelters in the process.

Goodr was born.

Eliminating surplus food entirely

By using the Goodr app, organizations and restaurants can indicate when they have any excess food that they would like to donate.

Using blockchain to maintain a data ledger for their clients, Goodr can provide information on how much food their clients waste, and where they could be making changes to save money.

The data that the company collects also includes information on what food tends to get wasted the most, as well as the impact this can have on the environment.

The end game for Goodr is to eliminate surplus food entirely.

“Our hope is definitely like most social good companies, is that we’re able to work ourselves out of business,” Crowe commented. “But one of the things that we do see is that there’s really not a lot of predictability in large scale food service.”

Goodr markets itself as “an end to end solution for businesses seeking to create a passive revenue stream through surplus food,” and offers clients a host of services which include contractual protection and full use of blockchain technology via mobile and web.

The detailed data analysis of where companies are losing revenue through food waste should appeal to business owners, all the while helping to work towards solving the food shortage issues that many people are facing today.

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