Everipedia Launches P2P Blockchain Encyclopedia Immune From Government Censorship

Everipedia Launches P2P Blockchain Encyclopedia Immune From Government Censorship

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Everipedia Launches P2P Blockchain Encyclopedia Immune From Government CensorshipAccording to an August 9th press release, Everipedia has launched a P2P blockchain encyclopedia that is immune from government censorship. It is the world’s largest encyclopedia built on DLT and the launch has been long anticipated. As per the CEO Theodor Forselius –

“Our network launch marks a significant step toward decentralizing the world’s knowledge on the blockchain”

How the blockchain encyclopedia works

The blockchain encyclopedia is based on EOS technology and rewards users with IQ tokens in return for building content on the network. IQ tokens entitle the holders to voting rights on the platform. No ads or promotions will take place on the network, and the token system effectively makes all editors stakeholders in the network. Everipedia works off a new type of file system called InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

It is the IPFS system that makes the blockchain encyclopedia more resistant to government censorship. Forselius believes that it is far harder to take offline than a traditional centralized system. As long as the nodes are operational the data will be public, and network participants are financially incentivized for their work. There is no hosting cost for Everipedia, so even if the company went bankrupt, the information would still be live for public viewing.

Everipedia can be contrasted to Wikipedia, which is purely a volunteering platform. The rapid advance in the amount of content can be regarded as an indicator of its superiority thus far, though some have raised questions about the quality of the content submitted. An EOS account and IQ tokens are all that is required to take part in the Everipedia network.

Who is Everipedia International?

Everipedia International is a profit-based company in the Cayman Islands and initially raised USD 30 Million for its project. But the blockchain encyclopedia already has over one million more English entries than Wikipedia, which is impressive for a platform that is only a few years old. The Everipedia CIO is Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia. According to Sanger –

“We are elated to release our minimum viable network which allows users to vote on and create articles in a decentralized manner for the first time”

Currently, Everipedia has over 6 Million articles, as the worlds largest English encyclopedia by content. It is the worlds first P2P blockchain encyclopedia, incentivizing content creators by making them stakeholders. The company was founded in 2015.

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