Leading Crypto Provider Ethos Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain Solutions Platform Ethos Bedrock

Leading Crypto Provider Ethos Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain Solutions Platform Ethos Bedrock

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Leading Crypto Provider Ethos Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain Solutions Platform Ethos BedrockEthos, the multi-crypto wallet, and provider of enterprise blockchain solutions has unveiled its revolutionary blockchain solutions platform, Ethos Bedrock.

Ethos Bedrock is a high-performance Blockchain Financial Services (BFS) platform, described as “revolutionary” through its powerful abstraction layers, designed to make “blockchain and cryptographic protocols accessible to financial institutions as internet protocols.”

Using Ethos Bedrock, financial institutions can leverage pioneering digital asset technology safely and securely, and set out the groundwork for cryptocurrency financial services, including liquidity, brokerage, and lending.

Ethos Bedrock is already up and running, connecting with different blockchain networks and performing hundreds of thousands of seamless transactions.

In a press statement, Shingo Lavine, Ethos Founder, and CEO explains what makes Bedrock a more accessible framework.

Nearly every fintech firm views blockchain as the next paradigm shift for digital finance, but the wide array of blockchain and crypto protocols and frameworks have long been complex and inaccessible – until today. Bedrock provides the infrastructure for a whole new wave of revolutionary new blockchain-based products and services that will power the digital economy of the future.

Providing utility and access throughout the Ethos ecosystem

Bedrock is powered by the Ethos token, which is designed to provide “utility and access” throughout the Ethos ecosystem. The ecosystem operates cost-effectively and efficiently, and is protected from greedy, malicious or inefficient applications.

Ethos’ revolutionary blockchain solutions platform can be licensed under custom engineering or joint venture contracts.

Advancing enterprise cryptocurrency

To advance enterprise cryptocurrency and develop an open, safe and fair financial ecosystem, earlier this month Ethos teamed up with the instant digital asset exchange, Shapeshift.io. The alliance will mean users can swap coins and exchange securely without having to go through any intermediaries.

Ethos’ attempt to broaden the appeal and accessibility of cryptocurrency doesn’t stop there. In July, the leading cryptocurrency platform announced it was partnering with Payroc to integrate the Bedrock platform with Payroc’s payment gateway platform to create a ‘best-in-class’ digital currency merchant payment processing service.

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