Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Ponders Rothschild Influence


Rothschild The PhoenixThere are so many conspiracy theories that surround the Rothschild family it is hard to keep track of them all. Depending on who you ask, they are perhaps lizard people bent on global domination or, perhaps, even extra-terrestrial aliens with designs on controlling the world monetary system.

Regardless of what one chooses to believe about the family, one thing is for sure – ever since the 18th century, the Rothschilds have been a force in European banking. Now that a new era of finance seems to be dawning, one of the people who has helped to bring it about is beginning to ponder some of his fellow industry insiders.

Vitalik Buterin may not have realized where his work to create Ethereum would take him, but he is now at the center of an emerging financial system that could change the face of the global economy.

He recently posted questions about how far the influence of the Rothschild family goes, only to quickly state, “they seem to just be a few hundred or thousand people born into various old-money-type high society positions.”

The Phoenix?

It is impossible to know if the article that was first published in The Economist back in 1988 has anything to do with the rise of cryptocurrencies. The Rothschild-supported publication talked about the need for a new global currency, stating that it could become a reality in around 30 years.

In other words, right now.

The article can be found here, and ends with, “Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes.”

Far from being buried in the back of the magazine, the issue that ran The Phoenix article featured a massive bird rising from a pile of burning national currencies. The article described how increasing levels of technology would allow for breakthroughs in how money flows around the world.

It could be a coincidence, but one never knows.

Here comes IMMO!

As luck would have it, the Rothschilds are working on their own blockchain, which may use a token called IMMO. Details on the project are scant, but some in the crypto media speculate that IMMO will be a stablecoin tied to some sort of physical asset.

Will IMMO be The Phoenix that was to be penciled in 30 years ago?

Time will tell on that, but there is no doubt that the Rothschilds have been making strategic investments via Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The new head of Rothschild&Co, Alexandre de Rothschild, is also reported to be working on the IMMO project, but there is little solid information to corroborate any other speculation at this point.

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