Digital Rights Management Firm Now Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment

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A digital rights management firm based in the Netherlands is now accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Fintage House has signed an agreement with blockchain-based media platform TaTaTu to accept cryptocurrency for digital rights transactions. Fintage House was established in 1986 and specializes in digital rights for TV, film, and music publishing and licensing.

Decentralized digital rights

The partnership will enable Fintage House to accept cryptocurrency in the form of TaTaTu tokens (TTU). These tokens were originally designed to let users pay for video content, so that content creators to get fair payment for their works. The tokens are currently available on the cryptocurrency exchanges HitBTC, ABCC, and Liquid. According to Niels Teves, co-CEO of Fintage House –

“We welcome the innovative spirit of the TaTaTa platform and wish success with the implementation. Soon we expect to start drafting the first agreements where we shall be accounting and paying out in TTU Tokens, whereby through the appropriate platforms the tokens could be exchanged in fiat currency.”

Fintage House is a privately owned global firm that is well established in digital rights management. The move could serve to decentralize the ownership of digital rights which is heavily skewed towards large companies, marketers, publishers, and advertisers, as opposed to content creators.

Who are TaTaTu?

TaTaTu is a blockchain-based content distribution platform aiming to disrupt the media and entertainment industry, run by movie producer Andrea Iervolino. Moving social media and digital entertainment to a decentralized blockchain could solve many of the privacy issues that come with using centralized media outlets. TaTaTu seeks to decentralize the profits and to distribute advertising revenue in a fair and transparent way.

TaTaTu recently partnered with American actor Johnny Depp to create digital content and films. The digital content will be produced by the Infinitum Nihil film production firm, which is owned by Depp. TaTaTu has also received over USD 100 Million from heiress Lady Monika Bacardi and has support from Prince Felix of Luxembourg, BlockTower Capital, and Lvna Capita. The TaTaTu ICO occurred only this summer, raising nearly USD 600 Million. This makes it among the biggest ICOs this year so far.

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