DASH Partners With Rewards.com

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The cash back and coupon company Rewards.com has announced a partnership DASH. The service allows customers to use DASH as a payment method, making it the first cryptocurrency accepted by the site. The feature will go live in the later stages of 2018.

People will be able to earn cashback in DASH rather than USD which, according to CEO Todd Rowan is a way of ‘introducing people to cryptocurrency in a non-threatening way.’ Integrating crypto into pre-existing businesses is important for mass adoption as it raises awareness to a much wider audience. Without efforts like this, it is possible crypto could stay as a niche investment. Todd Rowan commented on this saying ‘Rewards.com takes us one step closer to global mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency.’

DASH earned through cashback can be used to purchase products through Rewards.com or can be sent to an external wallet. This gives users the ability to experience the true versatility of cryptocurrency. It may even give people incentive to start investing. While details are unclear, it seems unlikely that Rewards.com will utilize DASH’s privacy features.

DASH is not the only cryptocurrency being integrated into the site – Rewards.com are creating a token too. The RWRD token will reward users for buying products in a wider range of stores than the company currently offers. Customers would use their Rewards.com app to collect cashback on an immense range of goods. An example given in their whitepaper reads: ‘a customer may buy a set of tires for which he earns RWRD tokens. He can then stop by his favorite restaurant and pay for dinner with RWRD tokens he just earned from buying tires’.

Rewards.com’s embrace of cryptocurrency is a positive sign for the industry as it helps bring the market closer to consumers and retailers. While this may have no direct effect on the market, it should raise awareness in people who were once disinterested or oblivious to it.

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