cryptocurrency startup receives funding from NFL players association

Cryptocurrency Startup Firm Gets Investment From NFL Players Association

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cryptocurrency startup receives funding from NFL players associationAs crypto and sports come closer together, news that a cryptocurrency startup has received a major investment from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is making waves in the crypto-related sports industry.

SportsCastr is a live-streaming sports platform that recently announced its cryptocurrency startup, FanChain, which is garnering much interest from the global sports community, and the NFL Players Association.

Sports cryptocurrency startup gets NFL boost

The live-streaming network has recently announced that the NFL Players Association has acquired a minor stake in the network’s cryptocurrency startup, FanChain, in a move that merges sport and crypto. SportsCastr is a unique network where anyone can become a color commentator, offering live and interactive content for sports fans.

A main component of the partnership will see NFL players using the network to provide live commentary across many pro and collegiate sports, while also sharing their own personal highlights and insights.

SportsCastr announced their cryptocurrency startup, FanChain, in July, targeting the multi-billion-dollar world sports market. The crypto can be used to participate on the platform, and also to unblock premium NFL content from the players such as behind the scenes content, and the ability to purchase special merchandising, send virtual gifts to NFL players and even buying tickets. It really is an NFL fan’s dream what you can access with this new cryptocurrency startup.

SportsCastr will become an official licensee of the NFLPA as part of the deal, which will create new mobile apps and platforms to discuss sports. SportsCastr has become the eighth partner of the NFLPA via their OneTeam Collective that gives the opportunity for startup companies to leverage the exclusive rights of the NFLPA.

Merging sport and cryptocurrency

The deal is another in a recent spate of sports teams and athletes now aligning themselves with cryptocurrency and blockchain. In recent days, we have seen the English Premier League team, Wolverhampton Wanderers sign a deal with the crypto exchange, CoinDeal, which has been raising a few eyebrows.

The promotion of a cryptocurrency startup can greatly benefit from joining forces with a sports celebrity or club. Footballers such as Ronaldinho, Michael Own, and Didier Drogba have recently joined forces with new crypto startups, joining boxing legends such as Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao who have also lent their names to blockchain startups in recent months.

As news circulates of the NFL Players Association deal with SportsCastr, the senior manager of business development for the NFL Players Inc. recently stated his views on the subject by saying that: “Athletes constantly explore ways to build their personal brands and creatively connect with their fans, and SportsCastr’s live-stream capabilities align perfectly with these goals. We look forward to working with the team at SportsCastr to deliver an exciting new way for fans to engage with their favorite athletes while watching the sports they love.”

This is not the last time we will see the combined forces of a cryptocurrency startup leveraging major sporting associations and sporting legends to give their project more exposure, and this move by the NFLPA is good business all round.

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