cryptocurrency and football making the news

Cryptocurrency and Football – A Match Made in Financial Heaven

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cryptocurrency and football making the newsWhether its former footballers, clubs, legends or even salary payments, cryptocurrency and football already have an interesting partnership. Since the corporatization and commercialization of football over the past 30-years, the financial gains from the game have been gargantuan, which fits hand-in-hand with the recent growth of crypto.

It only makes sense that cryptocurrency and football forge alliances moving forward into a brave new economic landscape, and it’s already apparent that the allegiance is a match made in financial heaven.

Celebrities merge cryptocurrency and football

Over the past two weeks alone there have been many news articles pertaining to joint ventures between cryptocurrency and football. Some of the most famous players from the past 20-years such as former Chelsea great, Didier Drogba, and Brazilian football legend, Ronaldinho have made news in the past month in regards to their relationships with new cryptocurrency ventures.

This is similar to what we see in boxing as the two most famous pugilists from the past 20-years, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, have both recently talked about the launch of their own cryptocurrencies. Everyone knows that “Money” Mayweather likes a dollar or two, and he is no different from other former sporting legends looking to pave a way for life after sport.

Ronaldinho is launching his own crypto, the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), which aims to penetrate the global sports industry by establishing youth football academies and the innovative concept of creating VR football stadiums in 300 locations across the Middle-East and South-East-Asia.

Earlier in July, the former Chelsea footballing messiah, Didier Drogba, announced he was to become an ambassador for a crypto social media platform called “”, which was founded by the American entrepreneur, Artak Tovmasyan back in 2015.

Football teams paying salaries in crypto

It’s not just former soccer legends that are benefitting from the relationships between cryptocurrency and football. Clubs are getting involved in crypto as well, in many cases to help subsidize the clubs and in some cases to pay salaries.

In recent news, a team called Gibraltar United are making the move to pay their players in cryptocurrency. The club has partnered with the crypto, Quantocoin, in a move that will see the player’s contracts amended to receive crypto as payment. This is great timing for the British territory in tandem with the launch of a new crypto exchange in Gibraltar.

The relationship between cryptocurrency and football clubs was big news earlier in July as two Brazilian soccer teams, Atlético-PR and Corinthians, announced a partnership with the Hong Kong-based crypto, the IVI token, which was specifically designed for the football industry. The deal is based over 12-months and includes shirt sponsorship deals and other promotions to give the relationship more exposure. The teams will be encouraging both their players and fans to use crypto in a bid to open up the market to the mainstream

The partnership between cryptocurrency and football is just beginning. The potential ventures between crypto and football really are endless and cover many aspects of the game from finance and sponsorship, to grass-roots coaching and technical innovations and beyond.

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