Circle Believes Educational Resources Are the Answer to More Diverse Cryptocurrency Adoption

Crypto Finance Company Believes Educational Resources Are the Answer to More Diverse Cryptocurrency Adoption

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Circle Believes Educational Resources Are the Answer to More Diverse Cryptocurrency AdoptionThe cryptocurrency finance company Circle believes accessible educational resources are the answer to more diverse cryptocurrency adoption.

Circle, the international online finance company built on blockchain technology and powered by virtual currency assets, warns that as most cryptocurrency holders continue to be men, mass adoption of digital coins is being stifled.

To overcome the challenge of getting a greater number of female cryptocurrency holders on board and to promote more diverse cryptocurrency adoption, Circle has introduced a cryptocurrency investing app, known as Circle Invest.

Cryptocurrency for dummies

Being essentially a ‘cryptocurrencies for dummies’, the app is aimed at making it easier for new demographics, such as women and the Baby Boomer generation, to become interested in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Talking to TechCrunch, Divya Agarwalla, Circle’s head of product, said:

A lot of the apps that exist on the market are geared toward folks that understand the market already and unfortunately, that tends to be men.”

Changing women’s attitudes towards cryptocurrency

The app was the created in the wake of a study compiled by Circle, which showed millennial women are underrepresented in cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

The survey interviewed over 3,000 Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers throughout the United States. It found that millennial men plan to invest in digital currencies over the next year at more than twice the rate of Millennial women.

On their website, Circle points to the gender discrepancies of current cryptocurrency investment trends.

“We at Circle believe crypto technology will enable powerful ways to create and share value for everyone, across all generations and genders. And for Circle Invest, specifically, we’re focusing on making crypto investing accessible for everyone through a simplified product experience and educational content.”

By making crypto investing accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or age, Circle Invest could encourage more diverse cryptocurrency adoption.

The introduction of Circle Invest follows an earlier move by Circle to reach out to broader and more diverse audiences by adding support for Monero to its service. By adding Monero as its new listed crypto asset, Circle’s total of investable crypto assets now stands at seven coins.

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