Course on Blockchain Technology Offered Free to Indian Students

Course on Blockchain Technology Offered Free to Indian StudentsStudents in India are being offered a free IBM certificate course on blockchain technology.

Tech giant IBM has linked up with Indian eLearning company, National Programme, on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) for the 12-week course which has been titled “Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases.”

The rise of blockchain technology is driving interest in relevant skill sets, which has seen a sharp increase in institutes around the world launching educational programs. A similar course run by the University of California Berkeley has seen almost 8,000 signups already.

Enrollment for the Indian course is open at the moment, but the coursework will not be available until July 30th.

Weekly assignments will be required from students, who will have to pass a final exam at the end of the course to successfully receive a certificate which will be co-signed by IBM.

The free course will be taught by Praveen Jayachandran, who is a blockchain and smart contracts researcher at IBM India, and Sandip Chakraborty, who is a professor at IIT Guwahati, while funding will come from India’s education ministry.

Speaking with local publication The Hindu, Jayachandran said, “The popularity of blockchain has moved from cryptocurrency to business applications across many industries such as insurance, finance, supply chain logistics, digital identity, healthcare and public sector. IBM’s collaboration with India’s leading academic minds to create a blockchain curriculum is a reflection of our commitment to enabling the technology to realize its full potential, while also addressing the increased demand for adequate skills for students and developers.

NPTEL coordinator Andrew Thangaraj commented that the course on blockchain technology with IBM is the “first in this genre and will encourage more companies to come forward to do the same.”

From what is known about the coursework at present, it’s believed that it will explore in detail both cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether and blockchain. In addition, it will demonstrate how the technology is applied in sectors such as digital identity and supply chain.

Publications by Andreas Antonopoulos and Melanie Swan of the Institute of Blockchain Studies are included on the suggested reading list along with IBM’s own material.

Anyone who is interested in signing up for the course on blockchain technology can find out more information on their website. The course is available worldwide, although the final tests are carried out offline in select Indian cities.

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