Co-Founder of ETERBASE Discusses Their Exchange With Crypto Disrupt

Co-Founder of ETERBASE Discusses Their Exchange With Crypto Disrupt

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On June 14, 2018, Crypto Disrupt met with Robert Auxt, co-founder of the ETERBASE exchange at the Blockchain International Show, London. Within the interview, Auxt explained what ETERBASE is, and what he has planned for its future.

ETERBASE is a European cryptocurrency exchange, which will eventually have the functionality to handle fiat-to-crypto trades (with EUR fiat pairs). ETERBASE will also allow users to open their own separate IBAN accounts, giving them an unparalleled level for freedom and autonomy over their money. This is because ETERBASE believes that cryptocurrency is a necessary element of contemporary finance. Auxt explained that his reasoning for joining the world of cryptocurrency was because he recognizes that they offer security controls which most financial institutions cannot.

One of the perks of ETERBASE, which sets it apart from the competition, is that the team is working directly with European regulators. This is because ETERBASE understands that a successful exchange needs to follow strict guidelines if it is serious about its legacy. Regulators and financial lawyers will actually be constantly working with ETERBASE on numerous elements, including the actual platform itself.

When asked about what other features ETERBASE will provide, Auxt noted that the exchange will have a fairer fees system. For instance, there will be negative trading fees for market makers as the company appreciate and understands how important they are for the liquidity of the market. Users can also get discounted fees by using the company’s own XBASE token.

On the note of trading, ETERBASE will offer specialized tools for serious day-traders such as algorithmic and high-frequency trading. This is only possible because of ETERBASE’s powerful and robust trading platform.

It is clear that ETERBASE is planning to build an exchange which can rival the top platforms at the moment (such as Binance and Gemini). The features on offer certainly separate this from many of the competition. ETERBASE will be launching within 2018, with a crypto-to-crypto exchange being their first product.

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