the number of women in cryptocurrency is on the rise

The Changing Philosophy of Women in Cryptocurrency

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the number of women in cryptocurrency is on the riseDid you know that a movement of women in cryptocurrency is beginning to change the male-dominated industry as we know it? That’s right, as of now, 91% of all crypto users in the world are apparently men, but as the world and equality are evolving and changing for the good, so is female involvement in crypto.

Male dominance across every industry was commonplace for hundreds of years, but we live in an exciting time of change. A recent news piece via the American news outlet, CNBC, just goes to show how the mentality and involvement of women in cryptocurrency is changing and it’s great news for females interested in taking their first steps into the industry.

Dynamic Women in Cryptocurrency

Avid crypto investor, Shanah Walton, who is self-titled as the ‘Bitcoin Bombshell’ believes that more women than ever before are starting to get involved with crypto. As a guest on CNBC News, she went on to detail how there is more interest for women in cryptocurrency than ever before.

Speaking to CNBC, Shanah stated that a lot of wealth is being generated in the industry and women were generally left out of the conversation as this was left to their husbands and partners. However, she went on to say that it is easy for women to get involved investing in crypto.

Shanah laid out her goals to promote diversity in this industry and to encourage women to get involved in crypto because it is “not as nerdy or techy as you would think it is”. Her primary goal is to increase interest in her weekly meet-up in New York for women in cryptocurrency or those who want to get involved in the game. Her meetings are packed with a diverse selection of women from all walks of life.

Changing face of cryptocurrency

Shanah is not the only woman taking the crypto industry by storm. On the contrary, as noted by many strong and independent women visiting Shanah’s meetings.

Former US Marine, Meredith Davis, who is currently pregnant, worked in the government for years but is now working in crypto. Meredith recently told CNBC at the meeting that she had gone through a lot mentally and had come to realize that there are not many barriers preventing women in cryptocurrency. She went on to say that getting involved in crypto is great for moms or those who wish to work from home, so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about blockchain for everyone regardless of gender.

Other groups and online forums that are by and for women in cryptocurrency include ‘Crypto Moms’, which is an online platform created by Marilyn DeLucenay that has been around for over 4-years. With over 50,000 members and memberships that has grown by 25% in recent months, there are more opportunities than ever before for women who are looking to get involved with the industry.

Although it is still believed that over 90% of crypto users worldwide are male, times are changing, and the increase of women in cryptocurrency is mimicking the bigger picture of equality we are rightfully seeing across all industries.

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